IMECIG : The Rise of The U.S . Under The Weight of The Electronic Cigarette Industry Nova

Tiger Global , according to Caijing reported

Vapor Company is an American electronic cigarette and the derivatives industry of a nova , which is also the only industry in the U.S . - listed . Over the past few years , the company ' s successful turnround As more and more traditional smokers began to pay attention to health issues , which are , for example tobacco companies to gain market share the company ' s potential .

Vapor company as a leading US e - cigarette suppliers , the maker of brands such as , the Fifty - One , Green The company ' s e - cigarette sales on multi - brand strategy has made some achievements , and its product Currently , the company was considering Vapor find its celebrity product endorsements , to further increase sales .

truly outstanding

Vapor - October 2013 , published Jan . 21 , the performance report for 2013 reported third - quarter net sales of more than $ 6.4 million in year - over - year to $ 260 billion Net sales rose strongly in the mainly from the increase of sales , to perfect the product structure and the unit cost of the decline . At the same time , which are , for example from the company ' s gross profit for the third quarter of 2012

steadily improving sales performance before , opposite direction , which are , for example , further cutting back spending : from $ 80 for the third quarter of 2012 decreased by 50 per cent to $ 400,000 . Vapor

Vapor Chairman Jeffery Holman , on 3 December , attended by LD Although in global terms , which are , for example with the future of the company and can still improve a lot , but now On 20 December , the Vapor Corporation announced the U.S . discount retailer Family Remarkably , Family is

future of risk

In October , Vapor Corporation conducted the latest round of financing , this financing has helped improve the company ' s financial condition and future growth potential . Vapor of corporate cash holdings to $ 900 million , enough However , the outlook is optimistic and do not represent the future of the perils of the sea . Traditional U.S . tobacco companies lorillard ( Lorillard , a subsidiary of the Blu brand of e is Recently , the Blu e - cigarettes in the U.S . market share rose to 45 . 6 % , compared with 40 . 1 % ; wherein , a tobacconist ' s shop sales channel share was 37 . 2 % .

Lorillard Company currently has about 4 per cent of its revenue from Blu e - cigarette sales . The latest quarterly performance report , the company ' s sales of e - cigarettes of $ 63m , up from $ 57 million in the previous quarter , last year visible , e - cigarettes , Lorillard company has become the major engine of growth , and that ' s just the beginning . Not long ago , Lorillard company has just completed a takeover of the UK electrical 3000

In addition , Vapor ' s " future is also exposed to a potential policy risks . Currently , the United States was no comprehensive regulatory scheme of e - cigarettes , there ' s more uncertainty . Reportedly , the parliament of New York City on December 19 to 43 New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn in support of it . The bill , she said , if e - cigarette opponents have repeatedly called on relevant agencies should be established as soon as possible perfection of supervision Of course they are , how supporters can not help wonder , if they want to ban electronic cigarettes , and whether it would be the first comprehensive limitation traditional cigarettes ? Perhaps , restrictions on adolescent ' s

Despite the Vapor Corporation has become the nation ' s e - cigarette industry and a new star , but the future , with the electronic cigarette market growing and maturing , the company would be an ambitious acquisitions . the largest U.S . cigarette makers

Global e - cigarette market with huge growth prospects

Now , the electronic cigarette in teen has become increasingly popular . According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , the 2011 - 2012 , smoking e - cigarettes have doubled the number of American high school and middle school students , as of 2012 had smoked e - cigarettes have about 178 million people .

" Business Week " recently pointed out that , currently , the global electronic cigarette market is worth about $ 2 billion , is expected by the year 2017 may be up to 100 billion dollars .

Wells Fargo Securities analyst believes that e - cigarettes as traditional cigarettes is the equivalent of a functional beverage similar to common soft drinks , the former and the latter is bound to gradually seize the shelf space , and gets more and more consumers ; and to the future of e - cigarette market in the But e - cigarette tax in a short period of time , it is difficult to achieve the level of the conventional cigarette ; 2021 , Xiang ' s second - largest U.S .

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