Smoking E-Cig No Taste ?

Why draw Electronic cigarette No taste ? " Why do I smoke this oil they have no taste ? " " this oil was pumped and suddenly becomes the taste , and good hard ! Why ? " , these are all palate fatigue , then what should I do ? Now help you solve problems of e - cigarettes without the taste problem . 

Since then the taste buds and olfactory cells prolonged contact of the same perfume , same kind of essence of on resistance ( also called tolerance threshold ) , then , on the basis of this , the essence of the human body with different thresholds are also different .

I ' m this tobacco tar The strawberry kiwi and two essence , strawberry essence of our first generation of resistance , then , you can feel this tar of strawberry flavor , and taste becomes strange .

Another risk is that no contact over e - cigarettes , which was the start of the contact when the flavor is extremely sensitive , will feel very good pumping smoke , the flavor is mellow . But after a period of time , it would appear that little oil are not what you ' re gone .

It is also a tolerance threshold of the problem , but not on the essence of a single or several light - induced fatigue , all but one on the essence of fatigue ( after all , did not take an undesirably long period of contact of the large amount of flavor ) , in which case it can occur in almost all the tobacco aroma and excitement that is felt all ov .

how can we improve this situation ?

there are different way , the first , is the taste buds for the most direct stimulus ( e.g . , using the absolute zero , chewable toothpaste etc . ) , are used for the taste buds and olfactory cells , re - acquire the essence of sensitivity , but this method also has drawbacks , newly awakened sensitivity and cannot support a long time , sensory sensitivity to normally within a few hours tends to fall again .

the second is by the time of precipitation ( not to say that would take away all the time , this is it " ) . You can select a period no longer touch the electronic cigarette , awaiting the restoration of sensitivity of taste , also can choose to continue the evacuation , but the recovery time will be longer .

A third way to solve the two above - mentioned way is slightly different , with a focus on prevention of Frey ' s fatigue phenomenon occurs that is to avoid prolonged use of the same type , i . e . to change the taste receptor cells of the threshold value , so that it is possible to effectively prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of palate fatigue .

palate fatigue problem is also very common , constantly before us on the road to vape , even the zipper itself will often have the problem ( s ) in the oil , but with the first rush of fright , and now stay calm , all of the past few days , you also may not have to worry .

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