Severe Use E-Cigarettes Don ' t Need to Worry About The Carcinogen Formaldehyde

Electronic cigarette safety research is continued , this time on the comparison using e-cigarettes and cigarette when intake of formaldehyde . 

Based on the results of this study is that , even in severe use e - cigarettes a day , the amount of the opening 350 , also don ' t have to worry about the risk of the carcinogen formaldehyde . research revealed a severe use e - cigarettes reach 350 when the port , the intake amount of formaldehyde , only breathing the day of the W.H . O. identified the indoor clean air standards are included in one - sixth of the amount of formaldehyde . while the use of tobacco products by contacting the formaldehyde amount would far exceed this standard . 

This research is funded by British American Tobacco Company . 

Statistics show that cigarettes will directly or indirectly kills her half of the user . 

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