How to extend the service life of e-cigarettes

1. To make e-cigarettes more durable, first of all, the battery of e-cigarettes should be maintained with sufficient power. If the power is insufficient, the smoke fluid will not be atomized enough and inhaled into the mouth, and users will mistake it for a quality problem.

2.Pay attention not to smoke too hard, too hard but will not smoke. Because when you suck too hard, if you come across an atomizer that leaks oil, the smoke will easily be absorbed directly into your mouth without atomization by the atomizer. So a light cigarette can actually increase the amount of smoke.

3.Each cigarette has its own maximum voltage limit and the number of mouthfuls it can take. It is suggested that users should pay attention to keep one breath for a long time when smoking, because a long time can make the smoke liquid in the smoke bomb be fully atomized by the atomizer, so as to produce more smoke.

4. Users should pay attention to the Angle of use when smoking. Always keep the cigarette holder upward and the cigarette holder downward.

5. In case of smoke oil inhaling into the mouth, please turn off the battery switch first, remove the atomizer of electronic smoke, remove the atomization core, and wipe off the excess smoke liquid inside the nozzle and above the atomizer before use.

6. Clean e-cigarettes regularly. It is recommended to clean them once a week.

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