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V2 Reviews
By Bounty01 Bounty01 on 12/6/2016 21:28
I purchased this item on Amazon. The battery goes from full then Medium and nothing. I was driven by the reviews on Amazon, but remain septic. This product is well made but there is not yet any support from iMecig. I would like to keep this product if I can get support. I tried with no result. I am sure this will not post but I am an honest person. this product is well priced. Amazon is ready to refund it but I want to give you guys a chance.
Love This V2 Mod Box Because Of The Adjustable Voltage And Airflow
By dragonkeeper on 10/4/2016 0:00
The V2 Mod Box E-Cigarette is not heavy, at only 200g without the Atomizer full of liquid, the battery by its self weighs 140g without the Atomizer attached to it. The length of the E-Cigarette from the battery base to the Atomizer inhaler tip is 13.5cm, and the maximum width is 3.5cm on the battery, with a depth of 2.2cm, the mouthpiece has a length of 1.3cm, with an internal diameter of 1cm, the mouthpiece can be removed, and replaced with easy just pull one out and push it back in place, it has a silicone O ring at their bottom end, to make a nice seal and tight fit in to the Atomizer body. The Atomizer is one of the better types because the coil is placed at the base of the Atomizer, in the removable cap so it gives you a quicker and better burn, you also get a spare coil should you want to change it, it is really up to you some like to change the coil between different flavours of liquid like Tobacco, and then change coil for Fruit and other flavours so it remains a clean burn for each type, if you see what I mean but really it is just your own preference. When you want to change coils or put in more liquid make sure you hold the Atomizer in your hand and remove the battery not the other way around otherwise you will get any remaining liquid in the Atomizer run down your fingers. The Atomizers liquid barrel has a depth of around 1.8cm, with a diameter of 2cm, and when you hold in the power button that is placed at the top of the battery, and inhale you will get a nice amount of vapour, and flavour from your liquid, and you can also adjust the air flow, to the Atomizer, so you can have less or more vapour, depending on what you refer, just twist around the middle knurled metal band, the airflow slot has an internal width of 0.8cm, and there are two slots, so you have a combined slot of 1.6cm, of course the more airflow you have the more liquid you burn. You also get in the box a USB charging cable, which is a round type of cable, not the flat type I like the flat ones they are more modern, it has a length of 58cm with a diameter of 0.3cm, it has a standard USB connector at one end, and at the other end a Micro USB connector. When you charge the removable battery pack, the five white lights on the battery, will flash in stages letting you know its state of charge, and when it reaches a full charge all five lights will go out, my initial charge took around 1 hour, and 2.5 hours from having a flat/discharged battery, all depending what you connect the battery pack to for charging. You can also adjust the power output, of the battery via the two smaller buttons below the larger power On/Off button, one light gives you 10 Watts of power, and four lights 40 Watts of power, and you have three other levels to choose from. Also in the box you get a spare coil, so you can get plenty of burn time with the extra coil, you wont need to spend more money for while, the coil comes a protective silicone case. I also have five iMECIG box of variety flavoured liquids, which all taste as they should for each flavour, I have Cola, Watermelon, Cherry, Grape and Green Apples, so I would say give them a try too.
Brilliant vape with plenty of power.
By PR REVIEWS on 11/15/2016 0:00
Delivered super fast and well packaged in a branded box. IMECIG? V2 50W E Cigarette Mod Box With Variable Voltage | 0.2ohm Sub Ohm Powerful Vapour Cigarette | Adjustable Airflow Electronic Cigarette Vape tank | No E Cig Liquid | No Nicotine | Black. In the box IMECIG V2 2100mah Battery V2 3.0ml Tank USB Cable User Manual 2 OCC 0.2ohm coil heads Im extremely satisfied with the product, it arrived early and works perfectly. It produces some fantastic clouds. Quick press the Function key 5 times to turn on, and click 5 times to turn off. It is a 50w mod box but i only use it on 20 or 30w and that is perfect for me. I'm going to give 5 stars as ive been vaping for a long time and was looking for something that gives alot of hit and cloud. The battery lasts for ages, havent charged it yet and I used it all day yesterday and most of today. The battery is curved and fits great in your hand. Also it will automatically turn off after the power button being pressed continuously for 10 seconds. Ive used other E-cigs that are more expensive than this that dont perform on the same level. The adjustable air vents at the bottom give you control over how much draw you prefer. When first filling the tank I would recommend you let the unit sit for 10-15 minutes before using. This gives time for the liquid to fully absorb in to the burning coil. Also, before each vape, press the power button for two quick one second bursts. This will heat up the liquid and give you a warmer vape. Overall a very good kit that can be customized and comes with a powerful battery which lasts for ages, and charges very quickly too. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking to stop smoking, battery life is amazing 10 out 10.
Great inbetween mod box before you get to the big boys
By welshkaren1 on 11/14/2016 0:00
I received this item for free to test and review. I had been vaping with an Eleaf istick 20w for the last 16 months and although I loved it I needed something with a bit more oomph as I wasn't getting the kick out of it that I used to. I just wanted something with that little bit more power and something that I would get more clouds out of. On opening the box I immediately could see that it was a high quality mod box and not one of the cheaper ones that you see on ebay from overseas. It is presented really nice in the box with the mod unit and atomizer separately fitted in the packaging and once lifted out reveals a usb charger and two spare coils. The mod unit already had a pre-installed 0.2 ohm coil so technically you are actually getting 3 coils. The first thing that I did was plugged the unit in to charge. I always charge items fully before their first use even though some things arrive with a small amount of charge in them anyway. With this unit and any other type of e-cig or mod box I would advise you to never test the unit without any eliquid or ejuice as you will burn the coil out. Believe me you wont enjoy your vape when you have done this as it burns the throat terrible and ruins your eliquid. To fill with eliquid was a little different to what I was used to but still very simple. To fill you just hold the atomizer upside down and unscrew the metal base off. Carefully, drip the eliquid down the inside wall of the tank making sure not to put it in the centre hole. Screw the metal base back on and connect atomiser to battery. I always let the e-liquid soak into the coil for a good 5 minutes before use but it doesn't say that you have to do this, that's just my preference. To switch the unit on you just have to click the button 5 times for on and another 5 times to turn it off. The other two buttons next to the power button are to adjust the wattage so either up or down as in 10w, 20w, 30w, 40w or 50w until to get to your preferred wattage. Overall, the 50w E Cigarette Mod Box from ImeCig was everything that I wanted and more. It wasn't too big a mod box to move on to from the istick. It was so simple to use and fits nicely in your hand. It looks great, its nice and sleek and I love that fact that the atomizer has a variable airflow and has a 510 thread so easy to get replacements should I have an accident and need to replace it. It produces great clouds too! I highly recommend it as an in between mod box to the higher wattage boxes.
This is a very good product and it is a good value for money
By Daniel Jewsbury on 11/13/2016 0:00
I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. This is a very good product and it is a good value for money. You can taste the flavour of your liquid very well and the buttons on the product are very well placed and fully functional. I have been using this product for several days now and haven't had any issues what so ever with it. It is a very light product and produces a lot of smoke.
By Jolly on 11/17/2016 0:00
?This is what I call The Vape Machine. This is the latest and well advanced version of electronic cigarette. I have been sent out this MECIG V2 50W E Cigarette Mod Box in exchange for my honest reviews. It was delivered pretty fast, nicely packed in a beautiful compact box which highlighted some of its features such as company details, colour, product image and etc. Inside the case there is V2 electronic cigarette itself nicely placed on a foam tray with an additional coil along with charging cable, user manual. The black colour aluminium e-cig looks stunning. It is very well made with durable heavy material. The atomiser felt pretty heavy, by holding it in my hand I could tell straight away that this is something that would last for long because of great quality. It is an upgraded version. The extra coil is a bonus as it should be changed regularly to get the most out of your e-cig, It has clever LED indicator that lets you know the status of the battery (white light means 30-100% battery left and the red light means, it requires charge pretty soon). The charging port is at the front of the e-cig so just plug the charging lead and done, not like other e-cig that has to unscrew to plug in the charger. Its very easy to use, to turn ON or OFF the e-cig, you have to press the power button 5 times then fill your favourite flavour liquid into the atomiser. To provide longer battery life, it has power saving feature so in order to smoke you have to hold the power button while taking a puff so the battery is only used when you take a puff rather than battery running out all the time. Overall it is a stylish, elegant, strong and beautiful looking E-cig that provide great help to quit smoking. I love this Vape Machine. I would highly recommend this product. Dont waste your money of any other brands, IMECIG is the one you need to look for.
Smooth taste and good quality.
By Emma Thomas on 11/12/2016 0:00
I have been using a similar unit for a few months now so am familiar with how they function. I was pleasantly surprised at how good this is. It arrived in a smart looking box containing the unit, tank, two coils and a charging micro USB cable. My partner put it together for me as I am not particularly savvy when it comes to the technical side of things. I tend to use the vape pens when out and about, purely for how light and convenient they are but this is perfect to keep for use at home. Firstly I charged it but it had almost full power anyway. I have been using it regularly for the past few days and it still has power so a long lasting powerful battery. It is very easy to put the liquid in. You have to be careful not to over fill it so I put a little in and wait for it to settle then add a little more. There are a few issues with leakage but I have found this problem with every vape system I have used. It is only a little amount that comes out. It is important you make sure the top is securely attached. I didn't screw it properly once and it all opened in my bag which made for a mess. It is very easy to use. You simply press the top button five times to turn it on and five times to turn it off. This is a feature I haven't come across before and I really like it for the safety aspect. To use, you hold the button down and inhale. I used a custard flavoured juice and it works so well with this system. Just the right amount of vapour and taste. Very smooth. I am really pleased with this product and will be purchasing more juices to go with it. I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.
Plenty of power
By Sunil Nair on 11/19/2016 0:00
In short, a very decent starter kit - everything is included except the liquid. But there is a leaflet with voucher so you can claim your choice of liquid. Please note that you need to have the Liquid ready, the pack contains no vaping liquid. Comes as 2 separate units but with one 0.2 ohm coil preinstalled atomizer and a 2100mAh battery. The rechargeable battery has micro USB charging port, with variable output from 10 to 50 watts. There is also a spare 0.2 ohm coil included. Also included a micro USB cable and decently written manual. Only one metal drip tip is included the pack, but very decent quality. From a design perspective, fully assembled unit is little large in size comparing to beginner kits. Ergonomic design allow you to hold the unit with ease. The air vents design is extremely well thought placed. A negative point to note that there is no dust cover for drip tip. When you pour liquid always remember to pour along the outer edge of the atomiser and not in the hole directly you see from above. All the screws / threads are well made and no rough edges around. IMECIG has some decent Vape liquids which is easy to pour in. In the atomiser you can see the liquid. Once filled in you may have wait for few minutes of so before start using the E-Cig. Please note that this is a decent kit and good enough for people who are using these for a while or just a beginner. Decent quality replacement atomiser, coils from the same brand is available (as in product description). Overall a decent kit, with good build quality and has all the things you need to start with. Please do check out the pictures to see how it looks and whats included. IMECIG supplied the product for testing and QA purposes and its my decision to share the thoughts based on my own findings
The battery is curved in shape and has a very good easy grip and will not full out of your ...
By Aaron on 12/12/2016 0:00
Today i will be reviewing the IMECIG? V2 50W E Cigarette Mod Box With Variable Voltage | 0.2ohm Sub Ohm Powerful Vapour Cigarette | Adjustable Airflow Electronic Cigarette Vape tank | No E Cig Liquid | No Nicotine | Black by imecig. My item arrived promptly next day delivery it was packaged in a amazon style cardboard box to insure no damage during transit the item itself was then in a further cardboard box with the company logos on. The battery is curved in shape and has a very good easy grip and will not full out of your hand. The tank is very good and holds about 4ml of liquid which lasted me around 4 days. The tank unscrews on the bottom every easily, this is where you can put the e liquid. On the battery pack you are able to adjust the power the of the battery which is a very good feature, you can adjust this via the two smaller buttons below the larger power On/Off button, one light gives you 10 Watts of power, and four lights 50 Watts of power, and you have three other levels to choose from. In the back of the packaging you get a spare coil for the tank which is very handy and will also save you money. The coil is in a plastic protective case. Also you get a USB charger to re charge the battery back. The battery charges very fast and if you lower the power mode it will last even longer.
A great gift for any vapourer
By Steveg on 11/5/2016 0:00
I kicked the smoking habit exactly 1 year ago and I took up vaping. I havent found the need for cigarettes ever since. After 40 years of smoking I never thought I would ever give up. Vaping is no doubt the best aid to giving up smoking. Vaping can be a bit daunting to the beginner. I know I was lost at first. There were so many unknowns and I put off changing over for a couple of years. E-cigarette shops arent always very helpful as you feel their laughing at you for not knowing anything and guiding you to their most expensive products rather than helping you. The basics are simple. You need a battery to power the e-cigarette. You can get rechargeable and single use batteries. You will also need a cartomizer, which is basically a tank with a mouthpiece. You will need an atomizer which is a coil for heating the vapour liquid. Some cartomizers come complete with an atomizer built in but once the atomizer stops working you throw the cartomizer away too. Cartomizers that have changeable atomizers are often called rebuildable. Atomizers have a limited life before the coil breaks or starts to give off a burnt taste. Finally, you need some e-liquid or juice as its often called. These come in a variety of flavours and can have no nicotine or different strength nicotine. If you are newly giving up smoking, then some nicotine will be necessary to stop the cravings. You can then slowly reduce it to zero over time. This kit from EMECIG has everything to get you started except the e-liquid. You get one of the best batteries (Mod Box) which is rechargeable and finely controllable. You can adjust its power output to match your e-liquid and your own personal tastes. The cartomizer comes with an atomizer fitted and just needs screwing on to the battery. Unscrew the base section and add your e-liquid up to 2ml. Wait a few minutes for the juice to get around the coil, press the button on the battery while drawing in the vapour from the mouthpiece. Theyve also supplied a spare atomizer coil and new ones can be bought at At ?31.99, at time of writing, the price looks high but is in fact very reasonable when you compare how much cigarettes cost. The free bottle of e-liquid is actually quite nice. I hate watermelons normally but I like this as its quite refreshing. I hope you found my review helpful.
Don't use with nicotine oil
By OumaHexi on 11/11/2016 0:00
Oh my. The quality of this E-cig is just brilliant. Anyone who has read any of my reviews will realise by now that I love good quality and this baby does not disappoint. It's sturdy and feels just great in your hand. I am not going to say too much about it because I am about to do a video review of this little darling which I hope to upload in the next couple of days just to show you exactly what I mean by quality. I am sure this quick review won't be too helpful to you but I hope that the edited version I upload in a couple of days will be. Thank you for reading. OK, so I have three "vapers" in my family and they all had a go at this. First they used my husbands 1.8 nicotine oil and it near killed all three of them. Next they used my daughters 1.2 nicotine oil and it near choked them, but no where close to death this time. Finally, they tried it with a 0 nicotine oil and each agreed this was perfection. The plumage was immense and it was hard to see them through the steam lol. I have persuaded my daughter to demonstrate on a video which I will upload once it is done.
By Ryan Tonge on 11/22/2016 0:00
Okay, so I received this item in return of an honest and unbiased review. So the product itself was delivered by standard delivery and was still delivered within one working day which most impressed me, the product comes in a neat and modern box very inside including in its own packaging the box, the tank, the charger, spare coil and a few papers. The box mod is easy to assemble, the tank is a bottom fill which can be a slight pain but with time you get used to it quickly, this box has no screen but has a cool led to tell you which watt you have it on from 10-50 also the booklet included gives you the information on this. The air holes are very large and adjustable giving you a great deal of suction and large clouds, the coil soakes up very quickly and allows you to taste your liquids at its strongest, the only issue I faced was the coil seemed to taste burnt very quickly but I'm not sure if this was due to overuse. The curved body helps with grip and gives the box mod an all in all stylish look. The battery life is good lasts a long time also charges in a very quick timing. This product impressed me and the quality of customer service was great! Couldn't fault this item or the service worth the buy and will be contacting these again!
Great Upgrade and Premium Feel
By Darren on 11/7/2016 0:00
A nice step up from the standard little vape sticks you see everywhere. A great high-quality product that feels solid and nice and weighty in the hand. A premium feel and a great taste from the coils, provided you use the right, high VG, liquid. I would suggest you start on the lowest power setting, to begin with, and reach your limit or preference gradually rather than starting out at the top as on the highest settings it can get very intense and can kick you in the throat. Also please know that when using a sub ohm coil you will need a liquid with a higher VG, (Don't and you risk burning the coil with the thinner liquid) 70% VG or higher. It will take a little getting used to at first, and you may choke a few times. But adjust the airflow and power settings to the level that suits you and boom, your gonna have a nice cloud with a clean taste. oh P.S, Most tanks all use a standard connection to connect to the battery (sometimes referred to as the Mod.) Its a standard screw in affair that uses a 510 thread. This means you can, if you want to, swap out to a tank of your choice. However, coils are tank specific and can't be swapped out to tanks of another brand. (Coils for this are in and around ?8-?11 on Amazon UK for a pack of 5. Each coil usually lasts 2 weeks, but mileage will vary depending on your usage.) Fill yer boots! Fill your lungs! Then fill the room! :-)
Best electronic cigarette on the market
By oliver greaves on 10/5/2016 0:00
For me, this is the perfect upgrade from a basic style e-cigarette, you become used to the small amount of vapour produced from a standard e-cigarette and get tempted to go back to smoking, but this one packs a punch, gives a much better throat hit and produces absolutely loads of clouds. I like that it's a top fill tank because I've only ever used bottom fill ones in the past and they can be quite messy, this is easy and fuss free. I could never go back to a basic style e-cigarette after using this. It's a fantastic e-cigarette and great value for money at the current listed price. It arrived on time with no damage to the packaging Its really easy to use, after putting together and filling it with e-liquid you just press the button on the front of the e-cigarette five times to turn it on and five times to turn it off again, this is a great safety feature to have on an e-cigarette because it will prevent it from accidentally firing it up in your pocket. If you do happen to forget to turn it off after use, it will automatically turn off after being fired continuously for 10 seconds, i think all e-cigarettes should have this safety feature because there would be less accidents. This e-cigarette also has an indicator light which notifies you of the wattage you're using and also how much battery life you have left. The wattage goes up to 50w You get a really nice throat hit with this e-cigarette, I think it's perfect for both beginners and advanced vapers because the adjustable wattage and airflow is great for straight to lung hits but you can also get mouth to lung hits by only opening the airflow around 5mm (which is what I prefer at the moment). I've used a 50/50 pg/vg mix with this e -cigarette with no problems, I then decided to try an 80/20 vg/pg mix and that was unbelievable, the flavour and clouds produced were amazing, I was very impressed. The imecig liquids are some of the smoothest I've tried (you can buy on amazon). The tanks very good, it has a nice big 3ml capacity and I've had no leaking issues whatsoever in the couple of weeks that I've been using it. There is a window on the tank so you can see how much e-liquid you have left. I find its best to prime the coil and leave the liquid sitting in the tank for around 5 minutes before vaping (only when using a new coil). To prime the coil, simply drop a tiny bit of e-liquid on to each of the cotton filled air holes. It just accelerates the process of getting the coil saturated so you avoid getting a burnt taste. The battery takes around two hours to charge and that will last around 2 to 3 days and I am quite a heavy vaper. I estimate you can get around 1200 puffs from one charge, which is a massive amount and the most I've ever been able to get with any other e-cigarette I've used in the past. It is exactly as described and exactly as pictured and I have added a few pictures and a video to this review. I'm very happy with it and I would recommend it to both beginners and experienced vapers as the adjustable wattage and airflow allows you to get direct lung hits. If you are looking for a well made e-cigarette that provides a nice smooth vape along with bucket loads of clouds, a great battery life and on a budget...then this is the one. I think it would also make a great gift for someone who wants to quit smoking. Five stars. I'm super happy with it. I received this product at a discount for my totally honest and unbiased review but i would have been just as happy with this e-cigarette if I'd paid full price. My opinions are completely my own, based on my own experience with the product and have not been influenced in any way.
Great E-cig
By charlie reviews on 11/21/2016 0:00
This E-Cig is Amazing! It produces a lot of vape and it looks very nice. The E-Cig fits in your hand perfect and the size is good. I have been using this product for about a week and i haven't had any problems with it. The 5 lights on the side of the E-cig tells you how much Watts you are vaping on and even the battery life. Overall this is a great product and the battery lasts forever I can vape 3 full tanks of e liquid and it still won't die,I highly recommend it.
I love them all & have had no problems with any ...
By Nettie Claire on 10/9/2016 0:00
I have the G3, G4, Q5 & now this one. I love them all & have had no problems with any of them. (Yes, I'm very spoilt) This one though, is something else. Slightly slimmer than the Q5 & sits in the hand perfectly. Very easy to set up, clear instructions & totally beautiful. For the price I don't think you'd get anything better & it looks dearer than it actually cost. Love it.... I ordered this with free postage & it arrived 4 days later. Discretely packaged & padded well to avoid any damage.
Great product quit smoking
By Jason on 11/21/2016 0:00
I have recieved this product, it was very well packaged, and was delivered to me on time, thank you very much. This is a great way to stop smoking this is an entry level product complete set with battery longer lasting everything you need to get started. It has helped me reduce smoking in the first week now i am totally smoke free
I absolutely love this item IMECIG have sent to me for a ...
By Rachid Najji on 11/17/2016 0:00
I absolutely love this item IMECIG have sent to me for a review honestly this produces alot of smoke depending on the watt you use! It doesn't scratch at all It is an amazing size easily transportable fits niceley in your pocket Very good quality it came niceley packaged and very fast due to prime. Recommend this to everyone
Im in love with this Mod Box
By Josh milton on 11/14/2016 0:00
Today i will be reviewing the IMECIG? V2 50W E Cigarette Mod Box With Variable Voltage | 0.2ohm Sub Ohm Powerful Vapour Cigarette | Adjustable Airflow Electronic Cigarette Vape tank | No E Cig Liquid | No Nicotine | Black by IMECIG The IMECIG e cig mod box came next day using my amazon prime membership, the packaging was perfect size for the product and there was not any wasted packaging. The box of the mod is very nice and looks very professional, opening the box you will see the instruction manual which is very easy to read and is very helpful if you have never used aw Mod box before. The battery and the liquid tank looks very good and for the price of ?60 that is a steal for the quality. The battery is curved in shape and has a very good easy grip and will not full out of your hand. The tank is very good and holds about 4ml of liquid which lasted me around 4 days. The tank unscrews on the bottom every easily, this is where you can put the e liquid. On the battery pack you are able to adjust the power the of the battery which is a very good feature, you can adjust this via the two smaller buttons below the larger power On/Off button, one light gives you 10 Watts of power, and four lights 40 Watts of power, and you have three other levels to choose from. In the back of the packaging you get a spare coil for the tank which is very handy and will also save you money. The coil is in a plastic protective case. Also you get a USB charger to re charge the battery back. The battery charges very fast and if you lower the power mode it will last even longer. Thank you for reading my review and i hope it helped you make your decision on buying this mod box. If you have any questions please feel free to as me and i will do my best to anwser them.
By Matthew Sharp on 9/25/2016 0:00
Awesome bit of kit. Tried attaching some pictures but it won't let me. I'm reviewing this as part of an offer from the buyer. So it's basically a mini sub-tank. Comes with a 0.2 ohm coil (Better clouds and some good flavour) and it couldn't be any simpler to set up. All I did was full the tank (bottom fill) and screw the tank to the mod. Five clicks to turn it on and then you have 5 different options of power by pressing either up or down. One being for the less powerful hit and five beige maximum cloud. I would definitely recommend this to someone wanting to go from a pen to a mod but not looking for something too ridiculous to start with. It's easy on the juice too which helps. All this for ?29.99! Dirt cheap and a great ecig with a premium feel. Comes with two spare coils and a USB lead. BTW customer service is great. They always get back to me same say if I have any questions etc. I'll be buying again, as always! :)
A great upgrade
By C5 Tech on 11/14/2016 0:00
Having used a Imecig vape before my main concern was not the performance as that is always top notch. The problem I actually had on another model was the charging port was quite lightweight. A huge improvement on the build quality is obvious and the charge port is now reinforced with a solid plastic casing. Cables now feel sturdy and simply click in to place. In actual use this is another great vape and produces a decent amount of cloud and does so smoothly. This unit actually has 5 settings - 10w, 20w, 30w, 40w and 50w so is not as customisable as some units out there. Personally it does not matter to me as I happen to use 20w as my standard setting. Battery life has proved excellent and I have got 3 days moderate use so far and it is still going strong. The initial charge was fast and barring liquid is good to go out of the box. I will edit this teview after a fortnights use but I am very confident this will still be going strong and this v2 is a very big upgrade in terms of build quality. Really impressed I received a discount and decided to give feedback based on my experiences
Awesome truly Awesome best one i have bought yet i ...
By Keith on 11/30/2016 0:00
Awesome truly Awesome best one i have bought yet i would highly highly recommend this product to anyone, and super fast delivery from amazon ordered one day got it the next top marks to imecig and amazon regained my trust in on line shopping.
By Callum leigh on 11/28/2016 0:00
Firstly the product arrived on time which I was pleased with. As a very experienced vaper who has been dealing with e cigs for over 3 years, I can safely say that this product is one of the best I have had the pleasure of using. The buttons on the box mod are very functional and easy to use. As well as this the e cig was very easy to refill (liquid) and does not leak which I have found many other vapes happen to do. The product produces lots of vape which I enjoyed as I like to do tricks with the vape. Overall the product does its job fantastically and I would recommend the product to anybody who loves to vape!
Excellent Build Quality. Great introduction to Sub-Ohming!
By R. F. Hawkins on 11/8/2016 0:00
This is a fairly basic Mod, as it only has limited Wattage adjustments, that you select via the up/down buttons and the setting you've chosen is indicated by the number of lights that are illuminated. 1 light = 10 Watts, 3 lights = 30 Watts and all 5 = 50 Watts etc. The built in battery is a 2,100 mAh Li-ION cell, so is a reasonable size. The Mod is however, very well engineered and simplicity to operate. Don't forget to top-up the battery before using the device for the very first time. The Tank is also very well engineered and I've had no issues of leaking. It is finished in a really attractive gun-metal grey and was extremely clean with no smell of any machining oils. The unit comes with a pre-installed 0.2 Ohm coil, 2 spare coils and a USB charging cable. At the time of writing this review, only one coil type is currently available (ASIN B01M0I5YPF) and these are currently ?12.99 for 5, so fairly average for pre-made sub-Ohm coils. I have contacted the Company and they tell me that other coils are being developed. In particular, I'd like to see a 0.5 Coil because they generally perform well and battery life is bound to be improved. Personally, I would normally vape 0.2 Ohm coils around 70 Watts, so for my vaping style, the restricted output of the Mod is an issue, albeit only a minor one. 0.5 Ohms works well, even on the 40 Watt Cool Fire 4, which has a similar capacity battery. Summary: I love the Mod's simplicity, especially for any 'Newbie' to Sub Ohm vaping and at this level, there's absolutely no need for Temperature Control. You get plenty of vapor from the tank and the flavour isn't bad. However, using the Tank on a bigger Mod did improve the flavour, running the it at 70 Watts. Personally, I couldn't get a full day from the 2,100 mAh built-in battery and charging should be restricted to a maximum of 1.0 Amp, so it isn't super-quick. However, I do use my Mods a lot as I quit smoking 40+ cigarettes a day in favour of vaping. That was almost 3 years ago. Don't forget to thoroughly prime the Coils and let the Tank stand for 5/10 minutes after filling to make sure the cotton is saturated with your e-liquid. I used 70/30 VG/PG e-liquid and didn't experience any dry hits. Airflow is good and because I "Direct Lung" inhale, I had the airflow control fully open and it was ideal for me. I've awarded this Kit 5-Stars but I still think the manufacturers need a slightly higher resistance coil that will retain flavour and generate reasonable vapor so battery life can be marginally improved.
Nice starter set for a good price
By Iain Buchanan on 10/7/2016 0:00
I was sent this Vapourizer Box Mod set and asked to provide an honest, unbiased review. This is a nice Vapouriser, its very easy to understand with it's 5 LED light system and gives a good, consistent burn. This unit has an unusual filling method which involves taking off the whole atomiser unit, turning it upside down and then taking the bottom off before you fill it, screw it back together again and put it back on. This is a bit fiddly, but this setup does mean that the liquid doesn't leak out when you have the unit laying down between uses. The instructions are really clear and whilst it takes a little getting used to the filling method, this really is a very decent unit! I think this is the perfect Box Mod for a beginner, it's a decent price for a good quality vapourizer. This review is in no way influenced by my being sent this item either free or at a reduced price. I only give 5 stars to outstanding products that are either exceptional value for money or work exceptionally well, or both. 4 star reviews are still great products that are good value for money, any star rating below 4 will be explained in the review itself. ?-? If this review helped you in any way, please mark it as helpful and please feel free to ask any questions you may have, thank you!! ?-?
Best vape by a long shot
By Amazon Customer on 11/19/2016 0:00
This is so smooth, easy to use, but far best vape I've had. Definitely recommend this. Also interested to see what different tanks will produce but I'm more than happy ??
Life changer
By J.K.Gemmell on 11/15/2016 0:00
Couldn't wait to try out my new vaporiser. It looked great, sounded great. And it hasn't disappointed! Does look great, feels great, and does all it says. Goodbye smoking
By Ethan on 11/11/2016 0:00
This product is seriously impressive. As I live the "vape life" which means I regularly vape, for this piece of tech to stand out suggests it is good. It is a 50w performer which is decent for a full packaged box mod, as they higher end W values are sold separately. I found that with the right liquid the vape produced was superb. For begginers, I suggest using 50:50 as you may find it quite harsh due to the power of the battery. But, if you regularly vape like myself, I suggest using 80:20 or 100:0. The battery life is very good And I have no issues with it. All in all, I enjoyed testing this product and I look forward to test their products out again in the future. Please don't give me hate as I'm simply a product tester, thank you for reading my review. Feel free to respond with any questions you have, have a good day.
Love the vapour
By Octav Nicolae on 11/7/2016 0:00
Good quality e-cig. BoThe bodydy is made of matte metal, nice to feel in hand. The battery is built in and not removable which means you dont have to pay extra for a 18650 battery. I was using a similar e-cigarette from a different brand and had to buy two of those batteries because the first one was not powerful enough. Some may argue that this device its more complicated to fill because the filling is done at the bottom but thats actually not so hard to do. I fill my e-cigarette about once a week, I think the extra work of screwing and unscrewing the clearomiser is nothing to worry about. The e-cig comes with an extra coil so it will have a long life. And, like all Imecig products, comes in a nice box, perfect for a gift.
a great e cig
By Dean Conny on 10/4/2016 0:00
I HAVE BEEN SENT THIS ITEM TO GIVE AN HONEST REVIEW AND THAT IS WHAT I INTEND TO DO I would like to start by saying that very impressed with product and it has lots of different little qualities in lots of different ways.Firstly i have to say that this product came that we;ll protected with packaging i think it would of survived an earthquake.The boxing itself has a foam mold inside that holds the e-cig in place.This item was also delivered in very quick time and was on my doorstep within 2 days. Id like to start with the accessories that come with the e-cig before i start. The e-cig come with a pouch that you can put round your neck in case you have no pockets and holds it tight. theres also a USB charging lead which in itself is brilliant. If they sold these separate id buy one. The lead changes from micro USB and iPhone connect on one end and normal USB on the other. The iPhone bit removes from the lead and underneath is a micro USB lead.Also on the ends of the lead there are caps that stop damage occurring to the ends of the lead. Also in the box you will find some detailed instructions which are easy to follow. Lastly there is a spare insert to go inside the e-cig for when your other has had it. The e-cig itself is brilliant I have to start with its magnetic lid that never comes off in the pocket. When charging the e-cig it changes color on the led around the button to let you no the life of the built in rechargeable battery it has.When the light is white the battery is above 30 percent and when it drops below it turns read to remind you to charge it.The e-cig is simple to put together and is all demonstrated in the booklet.It also comes with a certificate to show its been safely tested before hand.The draw this e-cig has is fantastic and you can purchase many different flavors to go in it I would recommend this product to anyone looking for one of these devices
Very easy to assemble and use
By WSreviewsAMZ on 12/4/2016 0:00
Wowser! Just bought this upgrading from a regular vape pen. Very easy to assemble and use. Coil is much easier to use. Nice fit in my hand and a nice looking mod. 1) on lowest appropriate wattage setting for 0.5ohm coil (22w) this is awesome, compared to last battery warm, smooth hit, good flavour and plenty of clouds. 2) increasing wattage produces fuller hit 3) vv: 2.1 produces naff all! 3.5 produces stronger throat hit, getting deeper as you increase the volts. 4) changing the airflow produces a faster hit. Can't comment on battery yet as just started using it. Overall this is an amazing product. Buy it!
Five Stars
By Amazon Customer on 11/14/2016 0:00
Great product! Super practical to use and excellent design. Functional, simple and discrete commands.
It is a awesome box mod which has variable voltage and goes up ...
By MGX Reviews?? on 9/28/2016 0:00
I purchased this a few days ago... It is a awesome box mod which has variable voltage and goes up to 50w. It looks amazing with a mini sub tank and a nice deign. The battery also lasts very long and the tank can hold a good amount of liquid. Good as a quit smoking aid or a starter box mod. Comes in a black and gold box which you can store it in. It also comes with a spare coil and charger. Very affordable at ?29.99.
Five Stars
By Amazon Customer on 11/15/2016 0:00
Quality vape. Worth buying
Sooooooooo awesome
By Amazon Customer on 12/11/2016 0:00
I've had this for one day and I have to admit, it is really awesome. Shed load of smoke and very easy to use. The time it took from ordering to delivered was really amazingly quick. Very good item
Fabulous and Well Worth the Money!
By Ellesapelle on 12/9/2016 0:00
This is fabulous, so worth the money and considerably cheaper than other products on the market. I have tried many different E Cigs but this is definitely the best.
and this is perfect for me
By Calum on 11/8/2016 0:00
First time vapes, and this is perfect for me! Really good price for what you get, and its really easy to use. Looks and feels great quality.
5 star
By elaine mcelroy on 11/14/2016 0:00
Brilliant product feels and looks great easy to assemble/dissemble/fill,easy settings arrived quickly 5 star all the way for me
Great item at a good deal I will buying liquid ...
By Amazon Customer on 11/13/2016 0:00
Great item at a good deal I will buying liquid from the same company as I am happy with the service
... past 3 years and this is by far the best -
By Amazon Customer on 11/21/2016 0:00
I've had a few different vapes over the past 3 years and this is by far the best - easily
By malcolm gott on 12/6/2016 0:00
large tank quick charge and easy to use once you get used to the larger mouthpiece
Five Stars
By Amazon Customer on 12/10/2016 0:00
Absolutely love this best one on the market and great value for money . Thank you
By Brad on 12/10/2016 0:00
Used it for a week, no problems at the moment. Will edit further down the line.
By Leda Cassell on 11/17/2016 0:00
Exactly what I ordered. Very fast delivery and brilliant quality! Thanks!
Sweet ecig
By Matthew Fearn on 11/12/2016 0:00
Fast delivery,exceptional product all round couldn't get any better
Five Stars
By Jozef Csobonas on 11/16/2016 0:00
Brilliant product. Would 100% recommend. And a great price.
Five Stars
By Laura T. on 11/16/2016 0:00
Very fast delivery and excellent product very happy
Five Stars
By Amazon Customer on 12/4/2016 0:00
Took a full week 2 come but well worth the wait
Thank you Imecig
By katherine brown on 11/28/2016 0:00
Love this vape its awsome no more cigs!! ????
Five Stars
By schizol88 on 10/5/2016 0:00
Very happy with that one! Highly recomended!
Definitely recommend
By martin smith on 11/12/2016 0:00
Very good quality and quick delivery
Five Stars
By Amazon Customer on 11/10/2016 0:00
Quick delivery and amazing product!
By Amazon Customer on 11/18/2016 0:00
Beautiful packaging and sleek box
Five Stars
By Amazon Customer on 11/10/2016 0:00
Best one I've had so far
Five Stars
By Amazon Customer on 11/9/2016 0:00
very powerful indeed
Five Stars
By Amazon Customer on 10/2/2016 0:00
Best one I have used so far.
By JMather Reviews on 12/11/2016 0:00
?This is the imecig v2 50 watt e cigarette This model is such a stylish a premium looking, black metallic design. This has to be one of the attractive mod kits Ive seen in a while. Its design is truly eye catching and with its added curved structure, the enjoyable feel and comfort in your hand is enhanced. The atomizer is my favorite part of this device. Its build and look is premium, adding to the great overall look of this ecig. Filling up the atomizer is a little trickier than most other designs. The top takes a little time to get used to refitting. Along with that the atomizer comes with adjustable airflow to allow for customization for a better personal vaping experience. This device really surprised me just how much output vape it produces. With 5 different levels of watts from 10 to 50 the adjustment buttons couldnt be more easy to use to give you your desired level. The amount of vape this device did really surprise me and its one of the best Ive seen from any mod kit Ive used. Even at 10 watts the output is great. Not only does it offer powerful vaping it delivers a rich and tasteful taste from your eliquids. They feel enhanced unlike other cheap ecigs on the market. I would highly recommend you use IMECIGs e-liquids they are great in connection to using this product. For me the pros to getting this device are as follows ? its stylish and premium looking ? Its performance is surprisingly great ? very user friendly, offering easy customization for personal use. ? Finally its reasonably priced On to the cons of this device ? Its a little tricky to fill up unlike other designs. ? Its output smoke is quite heavy even on the lowest watts, so if you like a little more discreet vaping this one isnt for you. Overall this has to be one of the best designed and good delivering performance box mod cigarettes I have used, purely for the fact it produces such and surprisingly good amount of vapor as well as not compromising the taste, the output taste is fantastic. The design is attractive and premium and for the price it really outperforms some of the high end devices on the market.
Marked down for late arrival
By george on 11/30/2016 0:00
Wasn't completely sure what to expect from this ecigarette but once it got here I was very pleased, it comes in a regular brown box with a warning on the front, once you open that you have a very nice black box with the ecigarette, cable for charging, a second coil and a manual, the ecigarette is very sturdy and have a nice feel to it, overall very happy
Great vape although a complete copy of the vaptio p1 ...
By Harrison g. on 10/20/2016 0:00
Great vape although a complete copy of the vaptio p1 what by the way is ?10-13 cheaper than this. In total I have tried both and concluded that both vapes are completely the same right down the the way the mod strips. In total I believe that the vaptio p1 is better just because of the price but feel free to go for this one . Both vapes ( P1 and the V2 ) both vape at a maximum of 50w and a minimum of 10 hope you found this helpful
well made e-cigarette
By Z He on 11/21/2016 0:00
I ordered the Imecig V2 50W E Cigarette Box Mod on Saturday and received it on Sunday, after I opened the gift box, I was very impressed with the Imecig product, the V2 Box Mod looks very solid and well made. I tried it today and it works very well, the battey is powerful, 30w is powerful enough for me, and I tried the 40w and 50w, and found high wattage can make the mouthpiece a bit hot and are quite noisy as well. If it is left standing for a couple of hours, it seems the e-liquid slowly goes into the coil head as I can feel the sweet taste from the mouthpiece. except for that, I am very pleased with the Imecig V2 e-cigarette so far.
Good sturdy piece
By Amazon Customer on 11/29/2016 0:00
Very prompt service delivered within 1 day. Good sturdy piece. Only snag is mouth piece is quite big and comes of easy. Not sure if it's suppose to do that or if mine is dodgy.
This product is quite good but can be difficult to judge when you have ...
By wendy trueman on 12/10/2016 0:00
This product is quite good but can be difficult to judge when you have reached the limit for liquid
Four Stars
By Robert W. on 11/14/2016 0:00
very impressed overall priced good im happy with the product thank you
Four Stars
By Amazon Customer on 12/2/2016 0:00
Pretty decent, maybe a bit much for a first vaporiser
Four Stars
By Mr M Mcfie on 12/18/2016 0:00
does what it says :)
V2 50W E Cigarette M Reviews
By Richard Davis on 3/27/2017 8:30
Received this piece of equipment today and if I could give it zero stars I would.Tank is to small,it leaks,a nightmare to fill and bottom line mine does not work.
V2 50W E Cigarette M Reviews
By gaz on 4/2/2017 19:26
4 words ... don't waste your money
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