As the RBA in manual reconstruction and our common products atomizer, actually frying oil phenomenon is widely exists in our daily use, especially in the new to electronic cigarettes beginners paresthesia, today for you to sort out five questions about the frying oil and processing method, hoping to offer some reference and help.

What the hell is atomizer oil?

First confirm what is "Fried oil" phenomenon... We all know that more than 90% of the atomizing cores of electronic smoke atomizers use the structure of cotton bearing smoke oil, which is a physical reaction of turning smoke oil into water mist through coil heating. In the rapid heating of the coil, often for a variety of reasons will lead to smoke oil directly produced is not water fog, but smoke oil shallow injection coil, or even into our mouth, this is what we often say oil explosion phenomenon.


What is the biggest factor that causes Fried oil?

Cotton is actually the biggest factor! In the center of atomized core coil of cotton we often say that "full" state is the most perfect, so the most intuitive test of this "full" is Fried oil. If the amount of cotton is too large, the cotton at the center of the coil is too tight, which will lead to the reduction and attenuation of smoke oil flavor, that is to say, the smoke oil used in a single atomization is reduced; If the amount of cotton is too small, it will lead to the excess of cotton smoke oil reserves in the coil, which will often appear when the coil heats up rapidly and blow up the smoke oil directly in the form of liquid!


Why does the finished core fry oil?

Firstly, it is confirmed that the output power of the finished core is within a reasonable range, and the phenomenon of "my finished atomizer blowing oil" often occurs when the atomizer remains too long. That is daily use without any problem, when the atomizer still half a day or longer after frying oil will occur and this is cotton oil, oil physical properties of the influence of the phenomenon, to solve this kind of situation is the most effective way to atomizer rest after a long period of time, the first and second mouth do not directly use, the atomizer "normal ignition" twice, first let the smoke of excess oil atomization, the following decomposition of some common finished frying oil atomizing core problems in parallel.

1. [power] improper use of power may lead to frying oil. For example, if the power is too low, the heating speed of the coil is too slow, and the coil will fry the smoke before reaching the atomization temperature.

2. [fume oil] the VG content of fume oil used shall conform to the oil conduction setting of the core. Some finished cores are positioned as big smoke and have extremely fast oil conduction design. At this time, smoke oil with VG too low (50%) will lead to excess oil conduction, which is the excessive cotton smoke oil mentioned above and Fried oil.

3, [run the core] in the run the core process if too much smoke oil injection will also appear Fried oil. New use of finished core most friends will run the core, and too much wetting core leads to excessive smoke oil, must appear in the first and second mouth Fried oil, in fact, in most cases and the core quality has nothing to do.


What other factors besides cotton affect frying oil?

Aside from the amount of cotton caused by the smoke oil surplus or not, it is possible to cause the explosion of oil is another major culprit is the output power of the host. Mentioned above fry oil is actually the smoke oil on cotton is blown up instantly, so the power output of the host machine has become one of the biggest influencing factors. If the output of the host is not reasonable, even if the Fried oil does not exist will affect the smell of smoke oil reduction, reasonable output is the basis of a good experience of e-cigarettes.

When we smoke in the use of electronic equipment, under the premise that a conventional coil, the output may refer to the battery voltage characteristic of physics to determine the mechanical equipment, such as the full charge for a 18650 battery 4.0 V to 4.0 V, a lot of mechanical lever also follows the laws of physics to use, in regulating the host we can refer to this kind of method to check the output directly, before and after proper adjustment range to find the G point, of course you can directly purchase does not need to adjust the voltage stabilizing host to use will be more convenient and intuitive.


Filament is one of the prime culprits that causes fry oil?

Clapton coil is very popular nowadays. Whether it is double or three-core or four-core clapton coil, their high-quality atomization experience comes from the three-dimensional difference in the resistance value of the heating filament, thus creating a richer taste experience. However, when using this type of fancy coil, the heat of the main wire and auxiliary wire cannot match due to the unreasonable collocation of some coils. It is even more difficult for beginners to find the heat g-spot of the main wire and the outer wire.

If it is impossible to cut the high quality taste of clapton coil, and want to avoid the situation of Fried oil as far as possible, then you can pay attention to the purchase resistance value with a better fancy coil, and pay attention to the output power of the host and the quality of cotton production, in general, it is more difficult to deal with the situation of Fried oil of filament than that of single filament.


To sum up the problem of frying oil, in the case of finished core, the excessive storage of soot oil caused by too long static time is generally a problem. Therefore, when used again, only two times of simulated ignition is needed to atomize the surplus soot oil first, which can be solved. However, the phenomenon of oil explosion in the category of RBA is relatively complex, which is related to cotton quantity, coil type, power output and so on. These important factors also affect the probability of oil explosion under most preconditions.

But in fact, in addition to these important factors of the atomizer structure parts are also in order to prevent the frying oil constantly optimized, such as some RTA using the frying oil network design, such as those in preventing the frying oil can also showed significant improvement, if you are frying oil things still have their own unique insights, welcome you speak freely under the article...

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