History of Electronic Cigarettes

In 1963, American Herbert A. Gilbert patented a smoke-free, non tobacco cigarette designed to heat liquid nicotine to produce steam, mimicking the feeling of smoking. In 1967, several companies try to produce the electronic cigarette, but then, after 1967 there is no record about this device.

In 2000, Han Li, a Chinese medicine practitioner in Beijing, proposed that nicotine be diluted with propylene glycol and atomized with an ultrasonic device to produce water mist. The user can take nicotine fog water into the lungs and deliver nicotine to the blood vessels. The liquid nicotine diluent is stored in a device called a smoke bomb for carrying.

First generation electronic cigarette

The design of a generation of electronic cigarettes, from the appearance, is completely imitate the shape of ordinary smoke, smoke bombs are yellow, smoke body is white. This generation of electronic cigarettes has been popular for several years because of its appearance, which is similar to "real smoke", and is accepted by customers at first sight. However, with the increasing use of the first generation of electronic cigarettes, especially foreign customers, many shortcomings of the first generation of electronic cigarettes are gradually found in the process of using, mainly in the atomizer. The first generation of electronic cigarette atomizer is easy to burn off, in addition, when changing the cigarette bomb, it is easy to hurt the tip of atomizer, so that it will be completely worn down and eventually cause the atomizer to smoke.

Second generation electronic cigarette

The two generation of electronic cigarette is characterized by the combination of smoke bomb and atomizer, which is the most notable feature. Each time the user changes the smoke bomb, he needs to abandon the atomizer, which is equivalent to the atomizer. This design can solve the premature problem of atomizer technology.

After adopting this technology, it has changed several disadvantages of the former electronic cigarette:

1, before the electronic smoke machine is often easy to bad, and now every change a cigarette bombs are replaced an atomizer, the quality is more stable;

2, disposable atomizer, smoke bombs taste better;

3, disposable atomizer, smoke bombs smoke more, because the atomizer will no longer blocked;

The 4 and two generation electronic cigarette batteries are more durable and longer to use.

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