1. How to correctly fill your bottom-fill Atomizer ?

① Do not squeeze e-liquid down the middle hole or over the metal. E-liquid should be squeezed down the side of the atomizer shaft.

② Please make sure that you put the rubber ring in the right place and screw the coil and atomizer tightly after you filling the liquid.

③ You had better to fill the e liquid when it is almost run out for the reason that no e liquid in coil center will cause the burnt taste and fateful damage to coil.

④ Do not overfill the liquid for the reason that less air will flow through atomizer and it will make your puffs feel weaker and incomplete, 2/3 is good.

⑤ Please let the device stands up for 5-10 minutes to make the coil cotton soaked in full before vaping to avoid burn taste.

  • Hold atomizer upside down and unscrew off the metal base
  • Carefully drip e-liquid down the inside wall of the tank
  • Screw on the metal base and connect atomizer with battery
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2. How to turn your Imecig E Cig on/ off?

To turn your electronic cigarette on or off, quickly press the LED button 5 times in 2 seconds. The battery should be turned off if you are carrying it in your pocket or bag to prevent the liquid from heating unexpectedly. Typically, your battery will arrive in it’s off state for safety during transit therefore you may need to turn it on when using it for the first time.

3. How to vape with E cigarette?

Ensuring that the battery is charged well and the atomizer has ample liquid within, hold down the button on the battery while inhaling. If you are new to vaping we recommend starting very slowly, perhaps holding down for 1 second initially until you feel comfortable with the process. When you have finished inhaling, remove your finger from the button, inhale slower and longer, as opposed to shorter and sharper, for a fuller vaping experience.


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① The slight buzzing/humming noise is normal while inhaling. It shows that the e liquid is fully absorbed and can start to atomize. Please don’t worry the safety.

② If you hold the button for more than 10 seconds, it will stop working for safety 10 seconds system.

③ Don’t press the button when you are not vaping, for it will damage the coil.

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