Electronic Cigarette Industry Has Begun to Constantly Self-discipline

Now the electronic smoke all the following warning information "warning on the bottle: This product may contain nicotine, should be placed away from the children and pets where minors are forbidden." (this sentence is our store products most commonly used) most of the oil manufacturers are with good sealing or child safety caps to reduce the risk of tobacco use, because the oil product sales continue to increase, indirectly led to child safety cap specific size on the market demand.

Most of the large and small manufacturers have been realized in the clean room near the production of smoke. Although officials have not asked vendors to do this, we have gradually built standards that consumers want to see, and many organizations want to unify and enforce these standards as the dominant.

The main legislators and policymakers forget that the electronic cigarette industry and the tobacco industry are fundamentally opposed to two entirely different ideas. The tobacco industry wants to attract more nicotine, and uses all the legal tools to attract young people. The electronic cigarette industry wants people to throw off nicotine and provide a more enjoyable way of smoking.

Practitioners pay great efforts to maintain the safety and effectiveness of electronic cigarette product image, when recruiting new distributors, manufacturers will explain to them the warning signs, smoke oil bottle packaging sealing cap, these points of child safety.

Everyone agrees that the provisions of some form is necessary, but the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration Food and Drug Administration:) the first proposal (electronic cigarette products manufacturers will be put on the market before the need to submit an application to the government for approval to sell products), only its own analysis based on will let the vast majority of electronic cigarette manufacturers on the verge of collapse, only large tobacco companies will eventually benefit, this is a huge blow to the electronic cigarette industry simply.

According to FDA's requirement, each electronic cigarette product will cost 5000 hours of work and 300 thousand dollars from the application to the final sale. Each product means a certain intensity of a scent of nicotine smoke even if a product, need complicated application. Even if you do not know math, but also know that FDA this proposal is very failure, the industry continued to seek help from the government, even if imminent, the government still did not understand the electronic cigarette industry in the face of great difficulties.

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