E Cigarette Show Went to The French Talent Show with Applause

The electronic fireworks show took on a larger stage and got on the French talent show! The performance, not only did not be understood, but won a round of applause. When after the show, the scene of the judges and the audience was conquered, everybody stood up and applauded Shabu shabu!

This is due to a young man named Michael Lee, who brought the electronic fireworks show to the stage. He is from Toronto, Canada, and is still a Chinese american. In France Master show, Michael Lee combined with the rhythm of music, performing a dragon, throwing ring, base ring, ghost jellyfish, double suction, smoke ring, even fancy smoke ring fancy techniques etc..

See Michael Lee exquisite, cool, reach the acme of perfection show, judges continued to issue "amazing." "wow"! The audience even watched the show and clapped!

The French talent show is a national television show in France and is popular with young French people. The purpose of the program is to discover some special talents, including singing, dancing, acting and so on, through the review of a professional jury. Believe in the performance of Michael Lee, the conquering is not only the judges and spectators on the spot, but also the audience in front of the tv.

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