E Cigarette Shop Guide

See a lot of people ask an electronic cigarette entity store what procedures, but there is no positive answer, it can be seen that the market is really immature. Today, this moderator is here to do an introduction, imperfections, please add!


I. necessary documents

1. industrial and commercial business license: must.

This is the key to the local documents, Industrial and Commercial Bureau apply for business license, is now engaged in the mass line, to do this on the procedures of many, many places have concentrated chief processing hall, the hall to apply for, can run down quickly.

2. other licenses: according to the requirements of the trade and industry bureau.

Industrial and commercial bureau of different place may ask to have different circumjacent document, when passing a license, ask incidentally, according to industry and Commerce Bureau requirement can be dealt with.

Two, no documents

Tobacco monopoly retail licence: not required.

Many people wonder whether to tell you this card, clear, sell electronic cigarettes do not need this card, because the electronic cigarettes are not included in the state tobacco monopoly administration, no relevant policies, so, do you want to buy you sell oh.

Three, risk

The biggest risk is policy risk, if one day, electronic cigarettes into tobacco monopoly, or you can quickly do the tobacco monopoly retail license, or only quietly closed.

Four, difficult

It's a good idea to open an entity store, the biggest problem is still in the early stage of development, and the domestic market is still very small. You open a store in a city, both to operate customers, but also to open up customers.
Customers less, you sell electronic cigarettes alone, it is difficult to make out.

Five, suggestions

Based on the above analysis, the home of electronic cigarette offers you the following suggestions:

1. handle business license at the same time, the application of tobacco monopoly license, real cigarette, electronic cigarette smoking, a sell. The development of electronic cigarettes has been emphasized in the operation process! It's a long-term plan.

2., pretend to be a club model, make an electronic cigarette, decorate it as a bar, exchange electronic cigarettes, drink water, drink and so on. This is expedient.

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