E Cigarette Leakage and Solution #part6

In the smoke oil is not used up in the atomizer is placed for a long time, that will also cause oil leakage.Because most of the finished product oil atomizer are suction guide structure, have been placed in the atomizer pressure for a long time, will continuously conducting oil, the smoke of the atomization core oil spill into the base would be caused by too much.



Every time add oil smoke as far as possible according to their own usage to add, make sure add oil can be finished on the day that day, if you need to place for long, unscrewed the atomizer, out of the oil smoke inside.

In addition, by the occasional smoke oil suction mouth inside the cigarette holder, do not belong to the leak phenomenon, this is generally the atomizing steam condenses drip.Above has said that the solution is: cigarette holder has thrown down the legacy of liquid, then with a paper towel to twist into a rope into rotation is wiped dry.

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