E Cigarette Leakage and Solution #part5

problem: The use of the wrong way and smoking too hard or too fast lead to smoke in the oil suction nozzle

Often hear many novice just contact electronic cigarette smoke oil suction to the mouth is very painful, doubt is the quality problem of the electronic cigarettes.Actually, this is largely because of electronic cigarette use don't understand.Like this kind of situation besides a few are really quality problem, the vast majority of overshooting, smoking is caused by too fast.Electronic cigarette is not like real smoke, smoke the more faster, burning the greater the amount of smoke, but the longer you smoke, the greater the absorption.


Electronic cigarette, don't inhale cigarette holder down the horse with, but to cigarette holder upward tilted 45 degrees of suction.Don't inhale deeply in the process of absorption or fast, smooth to keep the proper energy absorption.Because the electronic cigarettes do not need to burn, you just need to suck the efforts to ensure that smoke after atomization can be sucked into the mouth can (want to suck big can absorb longer).If the strength of absorption too hard and too fast, is easy to put out the condensate in the flue or not after atomization of smoke oil absorption into his mouth.


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