Why Vape Tongue?

Many friends may feel this way when they smoke an electronic cigarette. They feel suddenly unable to taste the smell, or the tongue is a bit numb when you smoke an electronic cigarette. Then you should get the steam tongue". Don't panic, because steam tongue is not serious or permanent.

Below, Xiao Bian will explain the cause of "steam tongue", and what should be done after having "steam tongue".
Five possible reasons for "steam tongue":


1. smoke the same tobacco smoke too much

It's easy to feel bored when you smoke the same smell day after day.

2. Taste bud damage

Some possible causes of your taste buds damaged, let you taste the taste to smoke. For example, smoking again, eating a lot of spicy food, pressure, and even breathing through your mouth can change your taste bud, because it affects your salivary glands and bacteria in your mouth.

3. dehydration

Dehydration can lead to whitish fur and damage taste buds, which is a medical problem.

4. sick

I will affect the sense of smell, so can't taste the taste of smoke is normal.

5. drugs

Many drugs in the market can affect people's taste. If you think you've got a steam tongue, and you're taking some drugs, you can check if it's a side effect of the drug. In addition, radiation therapy also affects the sense of smell and taste, because it destroys the salivary glands and causes xerostomia. Saliva, mixed with food, stimulates taste buds, and it's an essential ingredient in tasting.

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