Why Mechanical Mod or E Cigarette Would BOOM

A lot of people talk about the mechanical Mod all of the color change, shook his head to say no, why so afraid of mechanical lever?Is afraid of mechanical Mod explosion, blast mouth, hand.Mechanical lever is not imagination of so terrible, he said is what causes detonation hand today.

The author before contact mechanical lever, also with you a idea "for the sake of safety, I still don't play with mechanical lever is ready", but can't help but lost behind after mechanical lever slowly realize it so happened, mechanical lever itself is a piece of iron, it doesn't have any energy can produce explosion, produced by explosion is the battery, the use of error to make mechanical lever explosion fuse.

1, battery overload output.

2, batteries and mechanical Mod shaft produce short cause a short-circuit.

3.At the bottom of the atomizer electrode screw cause a short-circuit

4.atomizer internal heat wire short circuit.

5, atomizer leakage


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