White House Amended the FDA E - Cigarette Regulations

White House amended the FDA e - cigarettes , the outcome is the e - cigarette companies without paying hefty fees . before the

F.D . A. rules , the e - cigarette products sold in the U.S . companies need to pay the high costs that continue to sell , because e - cigarettes were classified as tobacco products . Originally the FDA regulation makes it more likely that the vast majority of U.S . electronic cigarette products were to disappear altogether , now the situation has changed . 

But presently it began to premature or optimistic , because the F.D . A. rules will take effect in early August , There will be hard to say what the current variables . 

Now start to celebrate too early , but the broad base of electronic cigarette brands and stores , this is a good news undoubtedly . 

But still need to remain calm , and wait until the dust settles after the re - celebrate it later . 

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