Where We Could Vape?

Some buyer of our Imecig e-cigarette shops discussed about the vape environment issue.

Not everyone is informed as we are about what exactly an electronic cigarette is. Cigarettes have been demonized for decades; the very fact that it’s called an electronic cigarette and produces a opaque vapor during exhale has many misinformed individuals terrified.

Now you may be thinking this isn’t your problem it’s the problem of the misinformed! The soccer moms and the PTA parents! Regardless of what our opinions may be rules are rules and this is especially important during a time of mass misinformation in the media. Not to mention our elected officials wanting to tax high percentages (seriously more than 70%) on all vaping products. We don’t want our average Jane/Joe to hold a personal vendetta when you blow clouds in their and especially their children’s faces! Be smart and be courteous when vaping in public and always remember. Don’t vape where you can’t smoke! But other than that, enjoy your newly found smoke free lifestyle. E-cigarette UK engineer suggested. 

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