When A Cell Phone Can Be An Electronic Cigarette

Phone from the initial call, into a digital camera, game consoles, navigators and so on, integrated more and more functions, but this function you have not imagined that he will appear in the phone. That is the cell phone into an electronic cigarette. Recently, VAPORCADE from Los Angeles will be electronic cigarettes and mobile phones combine to let you realize the unusual feeling.

This feature-specific phone named JUPIITER, Android 4.4 built-in operating system, in addition to having all the features of a basic smartphone, the most important thing is that he can smoke when the electronic cigarette, although it looks weird, but it is really creative.

It is reported that this e-cigarette phone a total of 299 US dollars and 499 US dollars in two versions, respectively, support for 3G and 4G networks, it is learned that built-in safe and stable steam atomization technology, a cell phone battery can power both mobile phones and electronic cigarettes, the most important Is a smart phone, it has a large display screen and smart APP that other electronic cigarettes do not have.

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