What The Price of Electronic Cigarette Can Develop Consumer Habits?

Compared with the past, now as long as it is not in the low-end electronic cigarette, the experience is not bad! Especially in high power electronic cigarette now, general technology is very mature, no smoke, smell, taste is very good, why so many people still do not accept electronic cigarette.


Some of my relatives and friends knew that when I was playing electronic cigarettes, when I was playing together, I saw that I smoked electronic cigarettes and felt very advanced, and would ask me to give him the electronic cigarettes. Before in order to draw his attention, I will send some introduction to the electronic cigarette, electronic cigarette and said that this type of abroad are very expensive, converted into yuan, to be sold to thousands of yuan! They listen to, also began to feel very magical electronic cigarette smoking, as baby like, very excited, but time will not smoke, cast aside, or continue to smoke cigarettes, that cigarette! Electronic cigarette, just ignored!

When going to a friend's home, see the electronic cigarette discarded in the corner, covered with dust, the heart is cool cool! Began to feel is not good smoke pumping problem, then use other manufacturers improved smoke, good smoke, or you can see this phenomenon in thought, this attitude! My friends treat electronic cigarettes in the country is very representative, not individual cases. How do you make smokers more receptive to electronic cigarettes?

Now we're going to open online stores everywhere. Open entity stores involve fixed costs such as rent, water and electricity, labor, and so on. If the customer acceptance rate and turnover rate are low, the cost of publicity will be very high, how to make money?!


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