What Can Vapers do Implementing Regulations?

Recognize that product regulation is one battle of many.  

There is still huge work to be done on many fronts: vaping in public places: the attitude of NHS, Directors of Public Health and local authorities; keeping the MHRA in its box; and generally winning a propaganda war in which supposedly respectable organizations are playing dirty and elements of the media are taking every opportunity to have a go.

Move with the punch? Focus on making the implementation work and pressing for flexibility where there are obviously errors. Working out what it means in practice and focusing on implementing regulations. The Commission shall consult and publish a review the risks, benefits and regulatory arrangements for e-cigarettes within 12 months and bring forward legislative proposals as appropriate.  The value of this depends on the prospect of securing a majority in the European Parliament – that is still hard to gauge at present.

It would be necessary to show some fairly blatant unintended consequences or harms to convince MEPs to go out on a limb for this.

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