What are Whole Tobacco Alkaloids?

The term 'whole tobacco alkaloids' is used to describe all the active alkaloids in tobacco, since nicotine is just one of the active components.

The list of all these active ingredients is quite long, but the principal alkaloids are nicotine, nornicotine, anatabine, anabasine and myosmine. We tend to think of tobacco being associated with nicotine, and this is true as it is the most important alkaloid measured by quantity. However, many alkaloids have significant activity in the human organism - they have some kind of measurable effect on us in some or all circumstances - so it is incorrect to discuss only one from the list, as if that is the only one to take any account of. All the alkaloids mentioned above are known to have a pharmacological effect on us [6]. Such effects are measurable to a greater or lesser degree, in some people, or in some circumstances - this is the basis of alkaloid activity and human genetic differences. 

WTA-inclusive refill liquids contain a broad spectrum of tobacco alkaloids, not just nicotine. They are more expensive as a custom extraction process has to be used with the tobacco leaf, and expert chemists are needed to design and run such processes. WTA e-liquids are also more difficult to obtain as there are very few manufacturers.

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