What Is The Best For You to Start Vaping?

The Cig-a-Like:
Pros: Small, Friendly to new user.
Cons: Not a satisfying hit, build quality, battery life span.
Thoughts: Almost every new vaper wants to start with one of these because it looks like a cigarette. The vape experience is pretty miserable though and many people move past or stop using these with in the first week of getting one (if not the first day.)

The Ego:
Pros: Small, Friendly to new user, Extra battery life
Cons: Build quality, battery life
Thoughts: This is the most successful device for converting new vapers. The vape experience is decent much better than the Cig-A-Like and with many of the Ego's you can adjust the power to some extent. You will often need 2, one to vape and one sitting on a charger. These can be found in many gas stations and mega marts.

The VV/VW Mod:
Pros: Much more durable than the 2 prior, excellent vape experience, fully adjustable, able to grow with you into intermediate levels of vaping. Able to accept many atomizers.
Cons: Unable to sub ohm on some units so make sure you get a tank that is compatible. Often needs external batteries and more expensive chargers how ever many are available with internal batteries.
Thoughts: This is what I recommend for any new vaper. My go to recommendation is the IMECIG Q5 80W as it can grow with you as they are able to vape as low as 10 watts and as high as 80 watts and can accept almost every type of atomizer. Even if you progress past them they make for an excellent back up device. They are everything most vapers need.

The Mech:
Pros: Able to run High power rebuildable atomizers, Simple mechanical connections with no circuit boards to go bad.
Cons: No level of protection, Advanced build knowledge needed, no level of adjustablity.
Thoughts: In the hands of the experienced vaper these can be some of the most satisfying devices, but for new vapers they are a bit much to take in all at once. It would be like handing a 16 year old the keys to a Ferrari. A Ferrari is a wonderful machine but at the same time it is not a great first car...

Batteries: One suggestion is to get the best batteries your device is compatible with. Batteries will grow with you an extra dollar or 2 per battery can go a long way.

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