Vaping is Less Addictive than Smoking?

Imecig thanks our users providing some interesting story about their vaping experience. Some people always argue about this topic. It’s a very important consideration in this argument.  As eliquid only contains four ingredients there is a lot less to get addicted too.  Some studies have even shown that nicotine alone isn’t addictive.  But smokers get a hit of around 600 additives all carefully created to addict them and make their cigarette taste like... well, a cigarette.  

And as long as eliquid keeps clear of those extras then it can’t retain the same power over users. People smoke for the nicotine and die from the tar, goes the phrase.  If you taking that to heart there’s definitely room for vaping, as a nicotine delivery system, in this mix.

Concerning this you could try some Imecig coild and imecig vaporizer recommended for its safety and high quality. YO could have better experience of e-liquid and e-cigarette.

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