Vaping and Your Insurance Rates

A bright spot, in addition to the stance of Prudential and the long-term-care brokerages, is the fact that this situation can't last. Insurance companies have a strong interest in real statistics, not the kind of cooked books that are coming out of UCSF and the CDC. Given their needs for accurate percentages, with strong commercial motivations, insurance actuaries recognize the difference between a 50% cancer risk and a 0.01% risk. They are not likely to blindly accept a term like "carcinogenic" without asking, "Just HOW carcinogenic?" At least not for long.

It serves the supposed needs of vaping opponents to use blanket terms and ignore percentages of difference. The same is typical of their approach to a term like "toxicity" with reference to levels of certain chemicals. They typically ignore the difference between trace amounts and dangerous amounts.

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