Utah Objected To The E-Cigarette-Tax Bill

After fierce on e - cigarette safety , whether the teen - targeted advertising , and for assisting smoking cessation of validity of the argument , the Utah government vetoed the tax bill on electronic cigarettes .

In hearings on the e-cigarette opponents slammed electronic cigarette manufacturers , is a long way from the garbage industry .

Before the hearing , this bill will be the question would adversely affect public health , will make the smoker which is difficult to use e - cigarettes to quit smoking .

" I ' m the previous day to 2 packs a half of cigarettes , for 38 years , Mr . Parsons said , " I was 30 , 40 , 50 times to quit smoking , use various method , patch , medicated chewing gum , and get your taste everything , but never success . On August 1 , 2012 , I tried e - cigarettes , and since then I haven ' t smoked a cigarette . "

In the countless e - cigarette users , but the electronic cigarette tax increase bill ultimately failed to pass .

This is an uplifting one , quit the Utah Association of chief says , this gives us a better understanding of , and to inform the public about the actual effects of the electronic cigarette is adding up to something important .

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