Using Electronic Cigarettes to Quit Smoking is Not Easy to Get Fat

When people stop smoking, many people suffer from increased appetite and weight gain. Recently, researchers in the United Kingdom and New Zealand found that using electronic cigarettes to stop smoking is less prone to obesity.

Recently published nicotine and tobacco research articles show that nicotine can reduce people's appetite, so when people stop smoking, the appetite will increase, the corresponding weight will increase. But when using electronic cigarettes to stop smoking, electronic cigarettes contain nicotine, so the effect on appetite will not be too obvious.

It is well known that smoking can cause serious diseases, but also inhibit people's appetite, and some smokers even control their weight by smoking. People often say that after smoking, fat, the reason is that the body lack of nicotine, and then appetite changes, resulting in weight also increased.

Even some people don't dare to quit smoking because they're afraid of getting fat. Electronic cigarettes are recognized as safer alternatives to cigarettes than cigarettes. When using electronic cigarettes to stop smoking, people's body and body will not lack nicotine and increase appetite, so it is much less likely to use electronic cigarettes to stop smoking and get fat.

Although electronic cigarettes lack long-term health and safety data, it is generally accepted that the harm of electronic cigarettes to humans is about 5% less than that of cigarettes.

At the same time, data show that electronic cigarette is the most effective alternative to cigarette products.

But electronic cigarettes are not entirely harmless, so for non-smokers, it is recommended not to use electronic cigarettes. For smokers who want to quit smoking, the use of electronic cigarette is the first choice.

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