Using E-Cigarettes in the Office


When in doubt, use a restroom or go outside to vape, it is not worth standing in the unemployment line because you were caught using an e-cigarette in the office.

If your office is not friendly to the indoor use of your e-cig, you may want to use in the restroom for a quick e-cig break, or head outdoors with your old smoker buddies for a little fresh air. Don’t act like you are better than them for using an e-cigarette. Nothing is more annoying to a smoker than an ex-smoker giving them advice on how to quit. Remember, you used to be a smoker. Just act like you are smoking, and if they are interested in e-cigarettes, they will ask you questions about your device and how it works. You may be able to convert several of them to vapers and help the chances of the rest of the office permitting the use of e-cigarettes in the office.

If you are in a cubicle and can’t get away for vape-breaks, you may want to invest in a small office fan that clips onto your monitor or desk. One of these fans properly placed will dissipate the vapor quickly and reduce the visible evidence in an instant.

It is best to not attract attention to your e-cigarette use in the office, even if you are permitted to use it. There are always the quiet coworkers that will gladly complain to a superior about how your e-cigarette is effecting them or that they are somehow allergic to your water vapor cigarette.

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