Tobacco Companies Advises the Government to Ease Electronic Cigarette Control

Tobacco companies giants have been trying to lobby American FDA for controlling electronic cigarette products over the past ten years. But when the FDA really introduced draconian regulations that could kill the electronic cigarette industry, the tobacco giants seemed to have changed their positions.

Tobacco companies started with a clear position, because the development of electronic cigarettes will reduce cigarette sales, in order to protect their own cheese, tobacco companies spent a huge amount of lobbying the government to restrict the electronic cigarette industry.

At present, the FDA regulations should not be completely dead electronic cigarette industry, but there is no doubt that retailers and manufacturers will reduce a lot, at least in the United States, the electronic cigarette industry will struggle at the edge of survival.

Tobacco companies doesn't like to be surprised, and now it starts to spend more money lobbying FDA, saying that the rules are too harsh, how much should be relaxed, and even suggest FDA deregulation.

What happened? Did tobacco companies find it after doing bad things? Of course not!

In 2010, when the United States had 170 billion dollars in tobacco taxes, tobacco companies got huge profits from selling cigarettes, and they believed that electronic cigarettes could hurt their business greatly.

Since then, tobacco taxes have been decreasing year by year, and more and more Americans have replaced cigarettes with electronic cigarettes. In order to reduce losses, many tobacco companies have begun to produce electronic cigarettes.

Tobacco companies Altria and Reynolds are also selling electronic cigarette products, although at present, the electronic cigarette business and tobacco business can not be compared, but it is likely that the future of the cake also have their own piece.

In the first quarter of 2016, Altria's report showed that sales of electronic cigarettes reached $500 million, and simply estimated that sales would be at least $2 billion in 2016.

So, is the control of the electronic cigarette hitting your own feet?

Ironically, the tobacco companies began to spend more money on the government, relaxing the control of electronic cigarettes, in order to protect their own electronic cigarette business.

Making money is the ultimate goal, and what kind of product is actually not so important.

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