The Four Biggest Minefield of Electronic Cigarettes

There's a lot of people replacing traditional cigarettes with electronic cigarettes. Over time, electronic cigarettes are no longer just cigarettes, but more of a fashion social tool. More and more people feel the charm of electronic cigarette and fun, through electronic smoke to know a lot of friends. And electronic cigarette has gradually become a fashion, and even become decompression methods. Since electronic cigarettes are so good, why do so many people question it?


1. electronic smoke harmful?

Everyone knows that there is nothing in the world that is harmless, and there is only a difference in size. In simple terms, a itself are smokers to smoke electronic cigarettes, although only in a form to smoke, but this way than the original safer and healthier, to a certain extent can improve the health of smokers.

But the electronic cigarette is designed to help smokers quit, so the electronic cigarette is beneficial to the traditional smoking group and non smokers, don't touch, especially nicotine, at the same time, the electronic cigarette is also the use of minors is prohibited.

Smokers who have been using electronic cigarettes for a period of time will obviously feel the improvement of their physical condition. It not only reduces coughing, removes bad smell, avoids secondhand smoke, but also reduces the risk of all kinds of chronic cancer diseases. Just a change in the body's senses is enough to surprise people!

So far, the domestic electronic cigarette has not yet issued a unified management regulations, including some shoddy products, so in the choice of electronic cigarettes, it is better to buy large brands from formal authorized channels. In short, we should always keep a cautious and rational consumption attitude when contacting electronic cigarettes.


2, what is the difference between electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes?

The difference between traditional and electronic cigarette smoke is still very large, the intention is used for smoke and smoking cessation! Is different from the traditional smoke, many medical research institutions have proved that the electronic cigarette smokers can improve health, such as smoking, relieving asthma patients to reduce tobacco cough and other adverse symptoms, and even the electronic cigarette 95% lower than traditional cigarettes harm!

On the contrary, the traditional cigarettes are burning, tobacco burning will produce carbon monoxide, smoke tar and other harmful chemicals 4000, to harm human health. But the electronic smoke is different, is through the heating way, therefore has avoided the harmful substance production, thus reduced to the human body harm.

In terms of taste, although not completely electronic cigarette and tobacco taste is comparable, but wins more in smoke taste, rich species can fully meet the taste requirements, the premise is to select the regular production of oil products will not pay for their own health! Many ex smokers smoked in the electronic cigarette and then go to the traditional pumping smoke that will feel very difficult to adapt to the tobacco smoked burning completely from the physical and psychological conflict with the traditional smoke exposure.

The electronic cigarette as other electronic devices, before the purchase, the best smokers must first understand the basic knowledge related to the comparison of advantages and disadvantages will know which one is more suitable for them, contact a long time will find it to your infinite pleasure and health benefits.


3.Can electronic cigarettes stop smoking? Don't they also contain nicotine?

In fact, there are many smoke nicotine, but does not contain the cigarette tar, carbon monoxide, suspended particles etc. those harmful ingredients, and there is no second-hand smoke problems. So don't worry too much about nicotine, many medical items are nicotine harm, slightly smaller, to see how you use. Individuals feel that electronic cigarettes do reduce cigarette dependence, but not nicotine dependence. After all, 6mg oil smoke, smoke a warehouse soon equivalent of a pack of cigarettes. Therefore, electronic cigarette can be continued to reduce the amount of nicotine inhalation, and ultimately achieve the effect of smoking cessation.

The principle of electronic cigarette smoking cessation is very simple, which is to use the most universal nicotine replacement therapy in the world, from high to low, gradually reduce the nicotine intake of smokers. Even the highest concentration of nicotine is only 1/3 of ordinary cigarettes, so that you can avoid relying on electronic cigarettes. Different from cigarettes, the nicotine content in electronic cigarettes can be artificially selected and controlled, and people can gradually get rid of nicotine dependence according to their own progress so as to achieve the effect of smoking cessation.

4. Can electronic cigarettes really stop smoking effectively?

The market claims to be able to quit smoking a lot of products, but in fact, the electronic cigarette itself can not quit smoking 100%, mainly varies from person to person, smoking cessation is more dependent on personal willpower. Electronic cigarettes are just a scientific way to alleviate some of the pain in quitting smoking. According to incomplete statistics, the electronic cigarette is now the success rate of smoking nicotine replacement therapy for various kinds of products in the highest, which in addition to the use of nicotine replacement therapy, it is still one of the biggest advantage is not to change my smoking habits action, as the saying goes, it can also satisfy the smoker's mouth addiction. This is very important, because a large number of smokers, that is, can not get rid of this habit of action, has been unable to quit smoking success.

Data show that from 2014 to 2015, China's electronic cigarette growth rate is more than 5 times, the growth rate in 2016 should be higher. In the past 5 years, the number of smokers in the United States has dropped to the lowest level since the development of electronic cigarettes, and the number of teenagers smoking has decreased by 40%.


5. Can electronic cigarettes be smoked for a long time?

This problem many people will ask, the electronic cigarette can see long-term smoking, as a user you take electronic cigarette smoking or fun? If it is as smoking cessation purposes, if successful for smoke, and successfully quit smoking, in fact, to the end of it, the electronic cigarette is not essential.

Generally speaking, a heavy smoker, just started from the beginning of the concentration of 12mg pumping smoke, during may be tempted to smoke cigarettes or some, this is normal; habits, to lower the concentration of 6mg, it has less need for cigarettes; then after some time, you can draw the 0mg concentration of smoke. Really don't need to have a cigarette, you can discard the electronic cigarette, completely cured of your addiction anxiety.

So when the electronic cigarette smoking cessation help you get through the period, even if you want to smoke electronic cigarettes, in fact already niwai, believe me, if you stop smoking completely, even you are not willing to go to the electronic cigarette smoke, really, not to mention deliberately long-term smoke electronic cigarettes. Of course, from the smoking cessation group is advanced as a game player!

The withdrawal of addiction mainly depends on the will power of the individual. If you have enough willpower, you can quit smoking without smoking anything. Electronic cigarette products are more like a substitute for smoking cessation, providing you with some assistance in quitting smoking.

About the electronic cigarette smoking cessation, want to use the electronic cigarette friend put it as a smoking cessation tool, don't let the "withdrawal" was so painful, the nicotine content decreased gradually by using liquid smoke, and finally even the electronic cigarette out is the kingly way!

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