The Truth of The Electronic Cigarettes

In some smoking in public places, many smokers electronic smoke cigarette in hand, side rightfully claim that electronic cigarettes, no second-hand smoke confidence drops says he is quitting.Words, electronic cigarettes this stuff really harmless?It can really help you to get rid of the addiction?Two points that we must believe in science...

it is well known that cigarette smoke from the burning of tobacco contains a large number of harmful compounds, these substances cause cancer, make teeth yellow, and black lung...Is more terrible cigarette produce second-hand smoke, it is simply a nightmare!

The electronic cigarette is a kind of imitation of cigarette electronic products, has the same appearance as cigarettes, smoke, taste and feel.It is through the atomization methods, such as nicotine liquid and steam, allow the user to use a product.Though it won't produce tar, more not hate of secondhand smoke.But is it really so "harmless"?

  IMECIG electric cigarette

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