The 5 Common Problems of E-Cigarettes 's Resistance

Although the use of electronic cigarettes seems simple, but in the process of use, there will still be some small problems plaguing everyone. Take the resistance value, though it is only a simple ohm symbol, a simple physical value, but to master some knowledge and skills about resistance, will let us in the use of electronic cigarettes more smoothly and satisfaction.


1. resistance can be adjusted, need not adjust?

Theoretically, the resistance value of the electronic cigarette comes from the resistance value of the heating wire made up of the atomizing core, and the value can not be adjusted on the host machine, but the data can be adjusted only when the coil is made by using the DIY atomizer. The subtle change of resistance value for normal heating wire in use, and can not adjust the value.


2. resistance value and taste it, low resistance will taste good?

With the change of atomizer structure and the appearance of fancy coil, the low resistance coil is no longer a synonym of smoke and no taste. At present, the use of RDA with fancy coil, in the low resistance state, smoke and taste have very good performance. There is no regular correlation between resistance and taste.


3. according to the resistance value can be calculated using the power of what the best taste?

Whether it is finished or DIY atomizer, taste of the best use of power even with a It differs from man to man., atomizer, different people will choose different power, there is no formula and calculate the best taste of the so-called power. Use the product when the atomizer can be adjusted according to the recommended power atomization core.


4. according to the needs of common core atomization or coil data on host selection?

At present, the single host can reach 80W 18650 battery power, promote the common even in monofilament coil around 0.1 ohms can meet the use, but in the use of double fancy coil, single cell host no double 18650 series host more fast. According to the common loop data own requirements, selection of main equipment, or very necessary.

5. the use of low resistance coil or fancy coil should pay attention to what?

The use of this kind of coil, need to use a large amount of air atomizer, the atomizer to avoid burns and even paste core issues, in addition to the current NI80 coil wire made of many, no need to reach the output voltage of more than 4V, we can get the taste of good performance, so in the adjustment of the output power, don't on the basis of A1 heater is used for adjusting.

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