The Classification of E-Liquid

What are the classification of electronic smoke?


1, fruit category

2, health care category

3. Tobacco

4, drinks and drinks category

5, milk

6, food category

7, herbal medicine

1, fruit oil

This kind of smoke is the most common, but also all the game player entering the first pit smoke oil, fruit, as the name suggests, is that we usually seen or eaten fruit.

For example: apple, peach, blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, cherry, lemon, melon, melon, grapes, grapefruit, passion fruit, watermelon, pineapple, coconut, banana, litchi, fruit, kiwi, orange, almond, apricot, black walnut, cinnamon, plum, delicious, hazelnut, oranges, mango, peanut, pear, raspberry, red dates, pomegranate, fruit punch, raspberry, muskmelon etc...

If the food is absolutely safe, fruit flavored smoke about 99% people can accept, selection of food grade fruit flavors, such as TFA, Fa, Fw, Cap, HelloCig and other flavors, fruit oil produced higher similarity, will not make you feel very heavy chemical smell (also avoid the so-called "very essential" the phenomenon). Of course, if some people do not like to eat certain fruits, such as apples, durian, choose to avoid these tastes.

2, care of smoke

Without modesty, health smoke small have absolutely rare in the market. For example, a breath freshener, mouth freshener, no taste, Ma, health care, health care, vitamin 2.

A lot of players Consulting: does it work?

Try not to know, what's the big deal?.

3, tobacco smoke

A lot of gamers ask me, does tobacco smell like real cigarettes? Incomplete image. Hundred percent do I smoke feeling, it is almost impossible, the cigarette is burning up smoking, electronic cigarette smoke is steam, of course, you want to add a little oil tar in the smoke inside, looking for true feeling, not as a direct smoking cigarettes. You'll see 44 kinds of cigarettes taste (including domestic and overseas): Marlboro, camel, cigar, Benson, Arrow, Kurt, mild seven, Newport, peace, paramount, Sharon, seven, 35, lucky, seven mint, Davidoff, Lan Bo, Luzhou, tobacco, light incense, Virginia, Winston, Changhong, GM, Benson, black devil, mixed, Custer, Cohiba, cherry, cigar, pipe, French Hi Road, Virginia, Hilton, Indonesia's 234 golden clove smoke, Indonesia, Indonesia's sampoerna cigarette smoke, Yancang clove cigarettes, Indonesia Indonesia high salt Cangding Dajimu clove cigarette smoke, the Zhao Liqun,,, Yuxi.

4, drinks and drinks category

The tea smoke also belong in this category.

40 different flavors: such as Pepsi Cola, Red Bull, coffee, cola, chocolate, green arrow, Green Tea, Black Tea, Dr. Pepper, cappuccino, caramel, caramel, Mocha coconut milk, chocolate cream, mint chocolate, tea, green beans, oats, butter, eggs, wine, champagne, wine, rum, whiskey, French brandy brandy, wine, beer, bitter almond, black currant, cream rum, honey, bubble gum, candy, cream cheese cake, vanilla bourbon whiskey, rum raisin ice cream, cotton candy, ice cream, waffles, iron Goddess of mercy.

Recommended flavors: Tieguanyin, ice red bull, ice tea, green tea, red wine, milk tea.

5, milk oil

If you have a sweet tooth, the milk will be smoke rations of you, plus the amount of sweeteners, taste mellow flavor.
Recommended flavors: mother's milk, absolute restraint, vanilla butter, banana dessert

6, food oil

It is basically similar to the taste of milk, is a sweet sense of tar. Ace player, twilight memory, mint chocolate strawberry cheese cake, and thousands of miles, master and commander, Oreo cookies, strawberry pineapple cake, cosmic fog, abandoning single car, lemon candy, pineapple cake.
Recommended: ACE chess player, Oreo cookies

7, herbal medicine

Don't be surprised to see the ginger and mustard players. The existence is reasonable, and some people like to be bored.

Do a lot of side, randomly sent 2 bottles of ginger and fennel to the winners, but did not receive feedback from the gangster forum evaluation, presumably threw it. Love my oil.

19: vanilla, mint, peppermint, jasmine, rose, rosemary, spearmint, osmanthus, clove, ginger, ginseng, Chinese wolfberry, licorice, lavender, Gan Ju, mustard, cocoa, angelica, fennel

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