Taste Failure with E Cigarette, in Fact is a Good Thing!

The vast majority of people using electronic cigarettes, smoke electronic cigarette have happened for a period of time after the smoke of the oil found no taste."Smoke oil thin taste", "taste", even with the drops of oil atomizer feeling is also very weak.

Many people worry, think smoke electronic result in taste buds!.

In fact, this is a good thing!Would like to congratulate you!

Reason explanation

Why this happens?

Some people say "fatigue" taste, long time using the same kind of oil smoke make taste numb.

That although there is something, but not comprehensive.Because during this time, even change the other flavors, brand of smoke oil, still feel weak.

Combined with the author's own experience, this is actually the taste is in the stage of adjustment.Once this phenomenon disappears, then your taste will become more acute.

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