Switching from Cigarettes to E-Cigarettes

Imecig.com received some interesting information from the local market.

In total, 19,441 vapers participated to the study. More than 80% had completely substituted smoking with e-cigarette use, while the rest reduced smoking consumption from 20 to 4 tobacco cigarettes per day. The main findings of the survey were that vapers use e-cigarettes in order to reduce or completely substitute smoking for health reasons. They initiate use with high levels of nicotine, with more than 1 in 5 participants starting with higher than 20mg/ml nicotine concentration. E-cigarettes were effective smoking substitutes even with those with high-dependence on smoking, with most consumers using 2nd and 3rd generation devices. More than half reported side-effects; they were mild and temporary in most cases, with the most common symptom being dry mouth and throat. Importantly, significant benefits were reported for physiologic functions (such as better breathing, gustatory and olfactory senses), as well as improvements in pre-existing disease conditions (mainly respiratory disease, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia).

The study found that those who completely substituted smoking were more likely to experience health benefits compared to dual users. “This is an expected finding”, said Dr Farsalinos. “E-cigarettes do not have therapeutic properties, but using them instead of tobacco is definitely expected to result in substantial health benefits. This is supported from all research performed until now on the safety profile of e-cigarettes. However, we should wait for long-term follow-up studies to define the overall health impact of e-cigaretteuse.”

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