Suction Electronic Smoke Got " Steam Tongue " ?

You know , there ' s a lot of friends in pumping Electronic cigarette when you feel this way , all of a sudden think not . It ' s authentic to that taste , or smoking e a little tongue tingling when ? Well , you should have " steam tongue " . Don ' t panic , because steam is usually not serious and tongue , are also not permanent .

- this is it " steam tongue " for five reasons :

1 , pumping the same tobacco tar There are too many

pumping , and I wouldn ' t smell the same , day after day , it is easy to become bored .

2 . The damaged buds

Some possible causes of your taste buds , letting you taste the tobacco tar is not out of its taste . , such as smoking again , eat a lot of spicy food , stress , even exercise in breathe to your mouth . - -and your tastebuds , because it will affect your salivary glands and Bacteria in the mouth .

3 , dehydration

dehydration can lead to tongue white , destroy taste bud , this is already a medical problem .

4 , sick

an illness affecting the sense of smell , the taste is not out of the smoke taste is also normal .

5 , medicament

Market , many drugs can influence the taste . If you think you have to have been " steam tongue " , while in the administration of certain drugs , then it is possible to check whether this is the drugs side effects . Furthermore , radiotherapy will also affect the smell and taste , as it will destroy the salivary glands , causing dry mouth . food mixed with saliva , excite the palate , it is essential for tasting .


So , how do you get rid of palate fatigue ? Here are some methods :

1 , for alternate use of different tobacco tar

Alternate to different tobacco tar , in order to avoid some kind of tar is no longer noticeable . In addition , there may be a large mixed flavors to choose from , why not try ?

2 , brushing and rinsing

Oral hygiene is always a good idea , especially in your tongue that have accumulated on the things that would prevent the steam from contacting the taste buds .

3 , to the more intense sensory stimulation

Sometimes , your senses . What is needed is a strong impact , to allow them to function again . Try the smoked flavour is more intense , such as mint or cinnamon .

4 , was privy to the coffee grounds

This is the sommelier and a popular perfume experts . the aroma of coffee can smell reset , which may contribute to the restoration of a sense of taste .

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