Smoking Induced by Electronic Cigarette?

Family doctors online medicine forefront, according to foreign media HealthDay News reported that the new year is also often smokers eager to quit smoking. Some people may choose to replace their tobacco cigarettes with electronic cigarettes. According to the family doctor online medicine frontiers, electronic cigarettes are a device that mimics the appearance and feel of cigarettes, often containing nicotine. However, some experts believe that electronic cigarettes may once again trigger the urge to quit smoking.

Electronic cigarettes are different from cigarettes, and experts say electronic cigarettes or cigarettes can cause a small amount of secondhand smoke
"Nicotine or seasonings usually soluble in propylene glycol, although it is difficult to determine, because this was not controlled," New York city of Lenox Hill Hospital psychologist, smoking expert Dr. Strauss explained: "the electronic cigarette after heating, you can steam inhalation."

According to Hilary Tindle, director of smoking cessation services and medical assistant professor at University of Pittsburgh medical center, the process of using electronic cigarettes is called "vaping" rather than smoking. She says people who use electronic cigarettes are called "vapers" rather than smokers.

Although many electronic cigarettes are designed to look like ordinary cigarettes, both Tindle and Strauss believe that they do not completely replicate the experience of smoking, especially in terms of nicotine release. Most of the nicotine in the electronic cigarette goes into the blood, through the soft tissue of the human cheek, instead of passing through the lungs through the lungs like tobacco smoke.

"Nicotine travels faster from an ordinary cigarette to the brain, which may make people more likely to become addicted and satisfied." Strauss said, "people want to use electronic cigarettes on any occasion where smoking is prohibited."

Strauss, for example, says, "on the plane, I sit next to someone who uses an electronic cigarette, and he uses it to get nicotine during the flight." But he pointed out that just to make sure that electronic cigarettes could be used indoors, such as? It's not clear.

He said, "it's unlikely, but whether people use electronic cigarettes or not, anyone will inhale secondhand smoke over a small amount of nicotine.".

Electronic cigarettes are not sure to help people quit smoking, and larger studies are needed to support them

Tindle says a study of smoking cessation products published in the lancet in September compares nicotine containing electronic cigarettes, nicotine patches, and electronic cigarettes that contain only spices. The researchers found that after six months of the use of the products, there was no difference in the rate of quitting smoking. It is understood that this is the first medium-sized, random sampling, controlled trials, the use of electronic cigarettes smoking cessation research. (medical frontier note: please refer to the September 7th medical forefront column translation article "electronic cigarette smoking cessation success rate is more effective than nicotine tablet smoking cessation."

Based on the results, Tindle said: "electronic cigarettes are no worse than patches, and there is no significant difference in adverse reactions."." She said. "If it was proven to be a safe and effective alternative to smoking cessation, then I would be happy. However, we need more large-scale trials to verify its safety and effectiveness, and now it is too early to say that electronic cigarettes can effectively quit smoking."

40 states in the United States require electronic cigarettes to be regulated, saying electronic cigarettes have been sold to minors

At present, electronic cigarettes are not subject to FDA specific supervision. But FDA wanted to change the situation in the early morning, and submitted a request to control electronic cigarettes as tobacco products in April last year. The Attorney General of the 40 states also agreed that electronic cigarettes should be supervised, and in September wrote a letter to the FDA asking for the regulation of the product. They believe that electronic cigarettes will be sold to children, and some brands contain advertisements for fruit and candy flavors and cartoon characters. They pointed out that the impact of electronic cigarettes on health has not been fully studied, especially for children.

"This is not to say that nicotine in cigarettes will kill people, and nicotine in electronic cigarettes may not really do harm to humans, but the same, there is no corresponding research results." Strauss says. Is it safer to smoke with metal and plastic containers than cigarettes? Cigarettes are so bad, it's hard to imagine what's worse. But it's a risk / benefit analysis. For parents trying to quit smoking, we know that secondhand smoke is a huge risk for children, so if an electronic cigarette can inhibit your smoking, it may help children with asthma and protect babies."

But on the other hand, Strauss says that smokers who have stopped smoking may have an urge to smoke once again using electronic cigarettes.

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What is an electronic cigarette?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) describes electronic cigarettes as a battery powered device that converts nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals into vapors that can be inhaled. Electronic cigarettes containing nicotine can provide different levels of nicotine. According to FDA, most electronic cigarette designs look like a cigarette cigarette, but some look like everyday objects, such as pens or USB drives.


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