Several Factors Affect Electronic Cigarette Smoke!

Electronic cigarette smoke size - this has been our evaluation of an important indicator, is that we find a better alternative for smoking, in fact, in addition to hard to kick the nicotine, still addicted to smoke at any time of pleasant sensation, electronic cigarettes can make similar to cigarette smoke, and smoke fluid also offers a variety of flavors, and much safer than real smoke, you can start looking for a the most suitable for their own taste, but by comparison of the size of the smoke.But the size of smoke are related to what?

There are many factors that can affect the size of the electronic cigarette smoke, smoke is not only a liquid, you also find a variety of answers, at ordinary times here or tell me the details.

1, liquid smoke in the proportion of PG/VG: have to say that the smoke fluid is an important factor affect the size of the smoke, (note: PG refers to propylene glycol, glycerin refers to VG) the smoke will be high VG.Under the condition of invariable

2, battery voltage, current, resistance under the condition of constant voltage, the greater the greater the amount of smoke.Regulating electronic cigarettes hot in 2013, the typical product model is the IMECIG , now the market popular V3 electronic cigarettes, with digital display and current.

3, and the size of the atomizing core value: under the condition of constant current, constant voltage, the lower the resistance value, the greater the amount of smoke.EGO series electronic cigarettes routine is 1.6 2.5 Ω.3.0 Ω with less also, because of the high resistance, the smoke volume is small, sorption is not enough.As the technology mature and rising demand, can do it, the more the lower the resistance.Now that do zero a few ohms.Can play big smoke, breathe out, steam around all the man on the head, really cool!

4, current.Smoke quantity related to current is also.Under the condition of constant voltage, under the condition of invariable value, the greater the current, the greater the amount of smoke.

5, electronic cigarette lung capacity.IMECIG series of electronic cigarette, the difference is not obvious.Play high-power electronic cigarettes, just have a lot to do with one's lung capacity.Lung capacity big people breathe, billowing steam;Lung capacity of small people breathe, a little steam.

6, airflow.In certain cases, the air flow is big, big smoke.Before 2014, the electronic cigarette industry has no concept of airflow, as long as the ventilation, don't breath.In 2014, the birth of the nautilus atomizer, let people recognize the concept of airflow.Nautilus atomizer, produced a large number of airflow atomizer.
How much more than the several factors increase the smoke size would be helpful for you, these are the necessary knowledge.Now there are a lot of users are using homemade atomizer core to obtain a better effect.This you know, of course, different electronic cigarettes devices are distinct, here refers to the rod/atomizer, and so on, different devices used in fitting resistance were different between them, in a word, if consumers money, as far as possible the real thing, you still have your reason.

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