Research Shows That : The Electronic Cigarette Can Be Used in The Volatile Compound is Less Than the Normal Breathing

Spain recently Chromatography and Biological Sciences Research Council in a report in the report of the study , measured the 156 species of volatile organic compounds ( VOCs ) in indoor air , breathing normally , cigarette smoke , and e - cigarette vapor content . VOC " used to refer to a wide variety of compounds , some of which have toxicity . 

The results show that the indoor air and normal breathing in the VOC content is over e-cigarette vapor , and that for cigarettes in the VOC content is much higher than the indoor air , breathe normally and e - cigarette vapor . Also interesting is the normal breathing in some of the harmful components in the e - cigarette vapor yet to be found . 

The study found that e-cigarette vapor contains nicotine , but far too little , so that there is almost no effect on the environment , nor on the people around is similar to the effects of secondhand smoke . 

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