Notice of 18650 Battery in E-Cigarette

18650 lithium battery is the most commonly used electronic mod and mechanical mod battery, in addition to ensuring the quality of the battery itself, in use, we still have some common sense need to understand.

18650 lithium battery in 18650 of these figures, representing the exterior size: 18 refers to the diameter of the battery 18.0mm, 650 refers to the battery height 65.0mm. Common 18650 batteries are divided into lithium ion batteries, lithium iron phosphate and nickel metal hydride batteries. Voltage and capacity specifications for Ni MH battery voltage is 1.2V, the common capacity is 2500MAH, lithium ion battery voltage is 3.6V, the common capacity is 1500MAH-3100MAH.

The importance of battery protection board: battery protection board is a protective circuit installed in the negative side of the battery, the main role is to prevent overcharging, damage to the core, excessive discharge damage to the core, over-current damage to the core. In these three main functions, if the selected battery does not have battery protection plate, overcharge can be avoided by the charger protection circuit, and the over-current is in the premise of the quality of the core, and it is not what we need to worry about. But over discharge has become one of the most direct things we need to do to damage the battery.

Because of the characteristics of lithium ion battery, if the battery in the discharge process, battery discharge termination voltage exceeds the value, also continue to discharge may cause the battery internal pressure, the reversibility of the positive and negative electrode active material is damaged, the battery capacity significantly reduced or even completely damaged.

The battery protection board can cut off the circuit before the over discharge, and stop the over discharge to protect the battery. Part of the electronic circuit board with MOD regulating overshoot, overdischarge, over-current protection function, depending on the battery protection board, low degree of mechanical mod hope mostly choose add protection board of the battery after all cost only increased 1 yuan but it has large effect as far as possible in the condition.

In daily use, we'd better control the battery power between 95% and 20%, so that the battery has a larger capacity life. Long time not charged after charging, the so-called trickle charging for lithium battery charging protection circuit is the quality and accuracy of the challenge, often let the battery voltage exceeds the standard voltage of 0.1 volts, which increased from 4.1 volts to 4.2 volts, so the battery life will be halved, to raise 0.1 volts, while reducing the life as one of the 3 original (NASA experiment). But the market of the 18650 charger manufacturer is not a formal large (including more than hundred exquisite packaging work, 18650 sharp) because this battery is industrial power battery, not civil battery, it is just in a form of spare parts in the retail market.

In actual use, the production of finished products manufacturers both laptop battery, mobile charger or what electronic products will be for lithium ion battery protection circuit design (to the same battery protection board). But many chargers on the market in order to save costs, just through a built-in battery protection board as a charger protection circuit, once a long time overcharge battery safety charging is difficult to guarantee.

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