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After days of use , now a comprehensive assessment of the new Nautilus atomizer 2 . 

Nautilus 2 than the main improvement of the structure , and have more choice of the color , taste and mouthfeel of the gelatin did not change significantly . 

Nautilus 2 adopted at the top of the layer in such a manner that the plus is more convenient to smoke , especially smoke generation capacity by 1 ml of 2M , reduced to 2 ml , which is much quicker refueling becomes more meaningful . But at the top and 2 on behalf of the Nautilus hadn ' t done well after refueling will often with tar flows into the inlet passage , and , if used , produce unpleasant gurgling , general use later on gurgling will disappear , and it wasn ' t a very big problem . 

Nautilus 2 generation of tar with a capacity of 2 ml , with a view to complying with the requirements of the EU TPD , all of the capacity of the atomizer must not exceed 2 ml , 2 ml of capacity but actually really small from most people using the actual demand , a 5 ml capacity can ensure the day of use . For Chinese consumers , the more the mass of the atomizer to be more practical .  autilus 2 another improvement is the adjustment of the intake air improve the Nautilus 1 intake regulation can be said to be particularly unpleasant to use , often offset which cannot be used as the Nautilus 2 intake adjusting ring is restricted by design , does not result in an invalid position , this time on behalf of the nautilus 2 intake regulation has reached the normal level .  0 . 7 Ou of the atomizing core 1 contrast . 6 European and 1 . 8 Ou of the atomizing core , the amount of smoke and the smell has soared , with a rated power of 18 to 23 watts , to 18 watts when compared to the 1 . 6 European and 1 . 8 Ou atomizing core , the smoke temperature slightly taller Diu Diu . if you enjoy warm smoke taste of the user , it is possible to attach more importance to the use of 0 . 7 Ou of the atomizing core . But 0.7 Ou atomizing core of relatively high power compared to the work , is the most direct impact on the relative comparison , of the battery use time will be shortened to one third of a quarter , a little bit of smoke temperature , at the expense of time , in the amount of smoke and the smell taste without obvious improvement of the situation , it will seem to outweigh the pros .  Tag:vape,e cigarette,e cigs,electric cigarette Conclusively , the Nautilus 2 at the top of the support , improved intake , modeling on the Nautilus than 1 have improved significantly , the color is richer , the tobacco tar reducing capacity is 2 ml , providing an additional 0.7 Ou of the atomizing core , official retail version of the 206 alloy , a stainless steel version of the official retail price of 238 , the price and the Nautilus is neck - and - 1 , the atomizing core cash - compatible products . longitudinal comparison , may be no suspense for the elimination of the nautilus ' first generation ' s products , require better taste of the user - type atomizer , and atomizer kabuki fantasy is still the better choice . 

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