NJOY Electronic Cigarette Company Set Up a Partnership with Retail Stores in The UK

High quality electronic cigarette brand NJOY1 announced on 6 March that the company's retail outlets in Britain will expand significantly.

With a number of retailers and wholesalers cooperation, including Harrods, Selfridges department store, Tesco, Searl, Leonidas McCall s retail group stores, Budgens, and Budweiser cashcarry supermarket, will enable NJOY Jenkins (Kings) electronic cigarette since January 2014 in more than 15000 UK retail sales.

The new retail partnerships, NJOY Jenkins electronic cigarette will be able to buy from most retailers, from high-end department stores to the gas station and the local convenience store. New retailers joined NJOY already very strong distribution network, including the scope of the Sainsbury's store. NJOY Jenkins electronic cigarette can now through the following retail chain store to buy: Tesco, long-distance bus and gas station, retail stores, McCall s group, Leonidas Budgens, Booker wholesale market, Premier store, Budweiser cashcarry supermarket, department store, supermarket with Harrods, Selfridges department store Searl, and the British national major independent retailers.

The partnership with Tesco will expand in 2014, in addition to the company's long-distance bus stations, shops and gas stations, including more Tesco's major stores.

NJOY claims that it is one of the most popular electronic cigarette brands in the United States, with more than 85000 retail outlets in the United States alone. The company began to enter the UK and European markets in mid 2013, and plans to continue expansion in 2014. NJOY expects the global electronic cigarette market to grow by more than $2 billion in 2014, and will continue to grow rapidly in the next 12 months and beyond. The UK will be one of the major growth markets in europe.

NJOY retail partners will sell three flavors of NJOY Jinsisi series disposable electronic cigarette: traditional hardcore, traditional light, and peppermint. NJOY products are designed to replicate smoking experience, provide excellent flavor, and produce only a tasteless steam without smoke or tobacco flavor. The purpose of the NJOY electronic cigarette is to provide adult smokers with a substitute for traditional tobacco products. NJOY Jenkins electronic cigarette will be placed inside the sealed packaging approved by the retailer for sale, priced at 5.99 pounds.

"Through NJOY, electronic cigarettes as a category, we see a huge opportunity to make cigarettes obsolete," said NJOY international senior vice president Bo Ekberg. "In order to achieve this goal, electronic cigarettes must be as convenient as their tobacco counterparts to purchase. Whether it is in the morning to sell community store, gas station, or like London or Searl like Harrods Selfridges upscale shops, we need to find in adult smokers cigarettes every place, provide an alternative to tobacco products." According to the retail age

In the market sales channels, to complete the transaction from the product to the consumer, terminal sales is a necessary channel, but also the final value of the product to achieve the port. NJOY's strategy of expanding its retail outlets in the UK is in line with the company's goal of rapidly increasing sales, crowding out cigarette market share and increasing the market share of electronic cigarettes. Through the full coverage of high and low-end retail stores, NJOY company will be able to promote the growth rate of British electronic cigarette consumption, speed up product value conversion and implementation process, and further enhance the market competitiveness.

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