My Quit Smoking Experience

First of all, stop smoking, you must first do not to smoke cigarettes.Don't buy smoke, don't smoke, don't smoke of others, this must be done first.

Then, don't smoke cigarettes upfront is painful.To smoke must want to smoke.This time you have to control themselves, addiction came up only comfort myself with electronic cigarettes, and not said: "I smoke less, slowly to quit."Sure I gave you, then go to smoke cigarettes, this is absolutely won't quit.

In the end, whether to give up smoking, the emphasis in the smoke oil.What exactly is that nicotine.Nicotine must be high, the early 6 mg I think is not enough.I was using an alien oil Scottish stone burst, 11 mg.Like this, when you smoke, the electronic cigarette nicotine can meet your demand.

Summary.Electronic cigarette is not help to quit smoking.If you want to quit smoking, can only use the electronic cigarette first replace the cigarettes, also is not smoke only smoke electronic cigarettes.

Do this step, then slowly lower the content of nicotine, 6 mg 3 mg 1.5 mg 0 mg slowly transition.When you no longer rely on nicotine, even the electronic cigarettes can be given up at that time.

The above is my method.

Feel good, to adopt it




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