Many Health Organizations Have Recognized the Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes to The Public

"The tobacco companies controls 99% of the nicotine product market, and tobacco giants can quickly capture the entire growing market for electronic cigarettes," the US Commission on science and health says. Unless the relaxation of small plant policies and restrictions, otherwise the tobacco giant can improve the electronic cigarette product prices and profits through the monopoly, on the one hand to make public use of this one more health products set obstacles, on the other hand to protect their tobacco business profits."

The Royal College of physicians also stated that "the research results based on the current Royal College of physicians and surgeons fully believe that the electronic cigarette can greatly help reduce the proportion of smokers in Britain, reduce complications and death caused by smoking, and reduce health problems because of smoking increased between rich and poor."

The organization for smoking and health claims that electronic cigarettes offer smokers more effective ways to stop smoking than nicotine replacement therapy, which is safer. There is plenty of evidence that electronic cigarettes can help stop smoking, but there is no evidence that cigarette smoke can cause smokers to smoke."

The objective of the public health organization saw many research evidence, finally reached a consensus: do we still need to make research on the electronic cigarette, but based on the evidence now, the electronic cigarette cigarette than much healthier, but also to promote smoking cessation.

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