Liquid Nicotine vs. Cigarettes

Some make the argument that e-cigarettes (also known as vaporizers) are just another nicotine replacement therapy, wherein nicotine is delivered into the body through a harmless vapor, instead of through the burning of tobacco.

This is what differentiates e-cigarettes from regular cigarettes. To receive nicotine through a cigarette, you must also inhale 70 different cancer causing chemicals, whereas an e-cigarette provides you a hit of nicotine through the vaporizing of liquid nicotine. It must be noted, however, that studies have yet to be made on the long-term effects of inhaling the vapor of liquid nicotine.

One characteristic that is common between smoking cigarettes and vaping is that you can more or less determine how much nicotine you ingest. Liquid nicotine can be bought with varying degrees of nicotine in them, just as cigarettes can have different concentrations of nicotine depending on the brand, length and size of the cigarette.

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