Laurie Ladd Two Companies Sued Zippo, Protect Blu Electronic Cigarette

Laurie Ladd, a tobacco companies, has sued Zippo manufacturing companies in the UK to protect them from Zippo's allegations of trademark infringement on Blu electronic cigarettes.

In the early days, the American tobacco giant, Ladd, a subsidiary of tobacco companies, Cygnet UK trading company, was sued for allegedly confusing Blu cigarette smoke with the lighter and fuel product trademarks sold by Zippo.

In August, a German court ruled that Cygnet stopped selling Blu electronic cigarettes in the country because of patent infringement.

In September 3rd, Laurie Ladd claimed that Cygnet and another company, Ladd technologies, applied for a ban and statement to the London high court.
The injunction calls for Zippo to stop repeating the "baseless threat" to Cygnet and to seek compensation for Zippo's actions.

"We are trying to Zippo Blu electronic cigarette business success by unfair, despite the fact that Blu electronic cigarette products may not have any impact on the sales of Zippo lighters," Laurie Ladd tobacco companies executive vice president Ronald Milstein said in a statement.

The application also wants the court to make a statement: the current use of Blu electronic cigarette trademark does not infringe the Zippo company's intellectual property rights complaint.

Laurie Ladd, tobacco companies expects the court to make a judgment before the end of 2015.

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