Knowledge of E Cigaratte Beginner #Part3

3: what is the special connection between voltage and power and atomizer?

Through the previous section, we learned that the mechanical cigarette rod has more power, while the pressure regulating tobacco bar has a rich voltage stage.

In our choice, we must first determine their own needs. At present, the pressure regulating and mechanical are different, but there is one thing that cannot be compared with each other, that is weight. Most of the mechanical smoke rods are heavy and belong to the lethal weapon type. The pressure rod is mostly about great lady, belongs to the lightness without losing full.

Here, Xiao Xin gives you a brief description of the mechanical smoke rod and atomizer through the relationship, the pressure is not much to do, and any atomizer can do. The mechanical cigarette rod is most suitable for the self-made atomizer and the drip oil type atomizer, and the common change core atomizer is easy to burn the atomizing core because the power is too high because the resistance is fixed. Homemade atomizer type can through the resistance wire core and the use of materials to guide oil homemade big smoke and smell and taste, and homemade type atomizer mostly oil guiding effect is good, so the mechanical smoke rod self-made type atomizer can play her strong structure superiority and atomization performance.

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