Knowledge of E Cigaratte Beginner #Part2

2: pressure bar and mechanical pole, what is the difference between the two?

First of all, let's take a look at the structure of electronic cigarettes. Electronic smoke is divided into two structures, a battery rod and an atomizer. Wherein, the regulating smoke rod has a circuit board, and the mechanical smoke rod belongs to the circuit board. The pressure regulating cigarette bar has the function of regulating the voltage, and adjusts the voltage according to the resistance of the atomizer. By adjusting the voltage function, the user can select the amount of smoke and the taste needed by himself. The mechanical cigarette rod belongs to the smoke pole which can not adjust the voltage type. The mechanical smoke pole is usually only a stainless steel tube, and needs the user to buy the suitable cigarette rod battery.

The commonly used batteries for mechanical cigarette rods are 3.7V lithium batteries, while most of the lithium batteries are 1865018350. Individual models of unique mechanical cigarette rods can use other types of lithium batteries. Here we explain the pressure regulating tobacco rod commonly used polymer battery, lithium battery is slightly better point of the pressure adjusting rod can be used with 18350 or 18650 other types of pressure regulating tobacco rod as the circuit board, so the pressure regulating rod release smoke current power is about 2A to 3.5A, and the voltage of 3V to about 5V, and has a low resistance limit is generally less than 1 ohm, after the battery does not work.

he mechanical smoke rod is discharged directly through the lithium battery, and the current power is about 6A. The power difference between the two is almost half, and the mechanical cigarette rod does not limit the minimum resistance. The lithium battery gradually decreases the voltage according to the remaining capacity, the full state voltage is 4.2V, and the minimum voltage is 2.75V.


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