Knowledge of E Cigaratte Beginner #Part1

1: what is atomizer? How many kinds of atomizer do you have?

The atomizer is the most important part of the electronic cigarette, including an inner core heating element and a smoke liquid storehouse, wherein the heating element is a replacement part. Atomizer can be divided into three kinds: change core type, drip oil type, self-made type. There is also a god level, here is not much to introduce.

Core changing type: the main body of the atomizer is a smoke liquid storehouse, and the heating component is called an atomizing core, and the atomizer can work normally through the installation of an atomizing core, and the atomizing core is usually made of replaceable parts by the manufacturer. The shape is generally more business, more portable.

Drip oil type: it belongs to the atomizer of self-made heating element, which is characterized by huge smoke amount, and a few mouthfuls of oil should be opened and covered with dripping oil, without oil tank. Play okay, long-term use or forget it. Short form, powerful function.

Homemade type: this type of atomizer belongs to the most practical, and the core changing atomizer can also be made of self-made heating components to repair the atomizing core, but it has certain difficulty, and it is difficult to achieve satisfactory results. The homemade mainstream type is kayfun type atomizer, which models are kayfun lite and kayfun 3.1 paragraph two of this atomizer is the design and development of SvoeMesto, because no production out often out of stock or no goods to the two in China by the mad imitation, the price and quality of all kinds of residuals is uneven, is associated with the various the problem, so the oil atomizer bottom interface, and so on all kinds of problems. Proposal to start with genuine, although it is expensive, at least some of the actual, by the way to the designers pay tribute.

The advantages of this atomizer is smoke, good taste, simple core production, so the atomizer by the user and game player favorite, for I do not taste any statement, made according to ability and materials of each person's effect is not the same. This atomizer can be equipped with a variety of battery poles, whether it is mechanical smoke bar or pressure regulating smoke bar, can be perfect to play her excellent performance, like a goddess, can meet the needs of all kinds of people! The drawback is that it's a little too big and a bit too heavy to use and carry around when you're out.

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