Kentucky Governor Called for Electronic Cigarettes in 20%

Kentucky Gov . Steve Beshear , a tax - reform package , including a 20 percent of electronic cigarette People ' s Republic of China on Consumption Tax .

The bill is currently in charge of the Kentucky House of Representatives and the Committee ' s discussion of the tax , including improved 40 - cent - per - pack cigarette tax . 

U.S . tax reform committee opposes new taxes , this tax is called " punish low income " , and said the tax is " meaningless " .

" For decades , lawmakers tried to punitive tax and regulatory scrutiny , to reduce smoking and tobacco - related harms , " Norquist said in the letter . " However , the electronic cigarette which provides social engineers and Government never able to solve the problem . The new duties levied on these products would undermine the efforts of the long - term congressman , is reduced because the electronic cigarette smoking and the people dependent on tobacco cigarette . "

The letter also said the new tax " on income and public health were meaningless outrageous taxes . "

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