It Should Be Noted That Smoking E Six Things

Today , we would like to share with you 6 pieces out of Electronic cigarette Note that the event , plenty of people who are just starting the electronic cigarette , then of course the electronic cigarette will encounter various problems , so now they look over this in detail , has six smoking e - note - on event .

1 , dry burning

Dry burning means atomizer coil tobacco tar deficiency occurs when the coil overheating . In this case , it is not only the electronic cigarette flavor becomes spicy , very poor taste .

There are many ways to avoid dry burning . First , let \ atomizer atomizing core in appropriate power it would work , if one atomizer \ atomizing core is a maximum power of 15 watts , to never , ever open to more than 15 watt , excessive power , not only can easily generate dry burning , also will greatly shorten the life of the atomizing core . For the RTA atomizer , the vast majority of which are not marked with the maximum power , but the same atomizer different coils also have a different maximum power and , therefore , need to be positive on the different types of atomizer and a coil , in the case of setting the power of understanding . It was convenient , gradually adjusting to the appropriate power . different smoke varies depending of the degree of influence on the dry burning have , in general , the less dense smoke , less easily dry , viscous tar is relatively easy to dry .

2 , battery voltage low

Electronic master typically has the lowest discharge voltage protection , need not worry too much . For a while mechanicalhosts , for which no minimum discharge voltage protection . In the battery lower than the minimum discharge voltage under the work is dangerous , so if you are using a host machine , when the smoke is significantly small , can consider to change the battery , not to be suctioned to the point . The smoke is not just a change of the battery .

PS . Try to use electronic host , avoiding the use of the host machine

3 , dirty coil

Electronic cigarette atomizer coil after a period of time , turns black , and carbon and , in this case , the smoke is not only smaller , worsen the taste of the filament and the working temperature becomes high , and the local overheat dry burning from bur out easily . So , try to use a clean coil , but Don ' t wait to taste , was unable to draw again changing the atomizing core .

4 , an excessively strong shock throat feeling

Some users like a particularly strong hit throat feeling , will opt for a higher nicotine concentration of tar , and smoking from the atomizer . Generally speaking , this isn ' t that bad , but everything is proper , the proposed small cigarette atomizer does not exceed 18 mg , Smoky atomizer does not exceed 12 mg . If really needs more strong blows of the larynx , you would be able to consider the taste of tobacco smoke , and tobacco and a general strike of throat feeling stronger .

Talking on the phone and the like , easily distracted , for the sake of their own and others ' safety , never using her dripping atomizers at discounted prices . 6 , to avoid nicotine overdose Nicotine is also called the excess nicotine OD , e - cigarettes is by nature a nicotine delivery device , it is in your nicotine feeding , excessive intake of nicotine is very dangerous . which would make you dizzy , to ones that can suffer from nausea , vomiting , appear toxic symptom , even life - threatening . Many e - cigarette users like , for you , I would like to say , the concentration is low . Some new user attempts to play the Great Smoky Mountains , for you , I would like to say , firstly from 0 mg to begin . Some users want to practice your blowing smoke rings , for you , I would like to say , with no nicotine of pure glycerol .

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